KDE Plasma 5.27 is here

Plasma 5.27 has now been released and is in the Arch repos, so it should be available to you.

The release announcement is here:

The changelog is here:

Previous post about the beta is below :arrow_down:

The beta is due to be released tomorrow (19 Jan), but there’s an overview of new features etc here:

This will be the last Plasma release in the 5 series, and will be a LTS release. Plasma 5.28 would have been due for release in June, but will be skipped so the developers can work on Plasma 6 with Qt6 - hopefully released in October.

UPDATE: The official announcement is out:

Highlights include a Plasma Welcome app, managing Flatpak permissions, and an improved KWin tiling system.


Awesome…can’t wait. I will just install it if it’s in testing repo.


Yay more bugs, more things breaking. Oh noes v6 soon. I’d rather pass. GNOME also. Sorry, I think things are fine the way they are despite progress. Call me old-fashioned. :sunglasses:

It would be nice if some things were addressed once and for all such as making it possible in the touchpad settings to disable any scrolling, any gliding, anything that belongs on a portable POS with touchscreen and not on a PC. Fix the bug with profiles in Konsole. There has been a conflict in some installations with SHIFT DELETE in Dolphin and other apps, could refuse to perma-delete a file giving a dialog with a lame-ass reason. Also saw (not on EndeavourOS) things like indexed file search contents enabled suddenly, and “baloo” needing a few settings disabled so it doesn’t hog RAM and CPU usage. :confused:


You’re old-fashioned :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I thought this was fixed already? It is for me.

Is this non :enos: distro using older versions of Plasma and/or Frameworks? Baloo used to be a PITA for me 2/3 years ago, but now it works great even with full indexing.

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Baloo still throws fits every once in awhile. Probably always will since this has been a on again off again problem with it.

Is that what you are looking for?

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Im interested, ever since a recent issue opened on the Gnome tracker that was looking to nuke the network settings into oblivion and the sorta responses from even one of the Gnome devs i have a good amount of respect for Ive swapped to KDE for the time being.

Nice to see the wayland work they have coming with


if anyone like me is coming from Gnome there is also a new launcher to make things more comfy for you


Never had a bug on KDE yet!

Edit: No lie! Never a problem! Just works. Those who can’t do KDE should stay on Windows. :rofl:


I’ve updated the original post with the official announcement :arrow_up:


I just want more KDE … Where is it?

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Will this hit testing or KDE-Unstable first? Unstable looks to have Qt6 work for Plasma 6

Yes i noticed that but haven’t seen anything yet.

It will surely hit Chaotic AUR first, Plasma is build daily there :grin:

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It’s out on KDE-Unstable.


I added the kde unstable repo but it’s only downloaded 4 packages. None of the newer KDE?

Edit: Okay i had to play with the mirrors to get them synced and i finally got the KDE packages.


Im getting this asap, i dont even care if theres bugs :joy:

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It’s hard to find what’s new when you don’t use much of all kde has.

Update was seamless to unstable (ive been running testing repos for ROCM though YMMV)

Only issue is the same issue ive had for a long while thats not KDE related…

My EOS logo no work :pensive:

Is it because of Wayland?

Edit: I assume you have kinfocenter installed?

I dont think so, its happened on X11 and Wayland across GNOME and Plasma, its only EOS that does it as plain Arch, Fedora, Ubuntu, and Cent dont do it but idk why


yup, but its not a KDE thing, idk why its EOS specific but ill get around to figuring it out eventually