KDE not install dependency kdeplasma-addons

This is probably should be on arch bug system but because they ask “enter the value of BUG_REPORT_URL from /etc/os-release” as Bot check and its different on endeavouros, I can’t register there…

When I installed endeavouros the package kdeplasma-addons wan’t installed and because of this the unit convertor of KRuuner didn’t work

The problem is that package kdeplasma-addons is only required by plasma-meta and not by krunner


so completely valid to fill the BUG here we can add the missing dep if needed here:

I mean … arch recommend to install Plasma with the groups they have… we do not use them to provide a more minimal set of packages.

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But, kdeplasma-addons isn’t a hard dependency. It is a bunch of optional addons. It is something some people want and others don’t.

I don’t feel strongly either way about if it should be there by default but it isn’t a must-have package for all users.


yes it adds a lot of stuff but it is not huge in size …

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I guess it is a distro philosophy question.

We did work to make plasma more minimal instead of just installing all of it.

If we slowly add it all back one piece at a time, what was the point. :sweat_smile:

Said differently, what are we trying to be as it relates to DE experiences? Minimal? Kitchen-sink?

Although, again, I don’t feel strongly about this particular package either way. On the one hand, it is clearly a bunch of optional add-ons. On the other, it something we occasionally get questions about on the forum.


I have no clue as i do not use plasma :wink: i have some issues within all together so i am not the person that would mind about adding or not that much.
Only if it would cause something really broken.


As a daily Plasma user, I can’t say I have missed this feature in my daily user experience and I don’t see it as a must-have package for the DE.

Our philosophy is to provide a jumpstart in Arch, not a complete out-of-the-box experience from the get-go.

We can add it, but then there will be an influx of requests not only for Plasma but for Gnome as well.
We have to draw the line somewhere and in this case, the missing package doesn’t cause a broken experience in Plasma.


As a new :enos: user, it did take me a little while to work out that kdeplasma-addons was needed for some of the stuff that I was used to in KDE Plasma. It’s also not an application in the menu, so more difficult to spot that it’s not there.

That said, I do appreciate the minimal nature of :enos:

So now I’ve got some experience with :enos: it’s easy enough to add to my user_pkglist.txt, but I can see that it would confuse some new users.

yes true… my first idea was to have a simple wiki entry that gives some info on other packages that will add features to the plasma-desktop… but as i am not used to plasma it would be a call to the community to simply give the info we can add.

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I’ll pull together the notes I made when trying out and installing :enos: and maybe start a topic in the Plasma section which could be a place for others to contribute and build enough info for a wiki entry.


exactly what i was thinking ! tag me there if you do that please.

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Oh, and welcome to :enos: @ttv20 :hugs:

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indeed welcome @ttv20 also you are already catched by the endeavour :rocket:

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The problem is that it’s not clear why things that is on the settings of KRunner not working
It’s look like it should be install by default because KRunner not hide ‘unit conversion’ or show error when it’s not installed
Usually when an optional dependency is not installed the settings are not there or there is a message that said it required for specific function

could you post a screenshot? (may me not understand this because not used to plasma :wink: )

It does for me.

Without it installed it doesn’t show up in the list of available plugins.

Once it is installed, it shows up.

You are right, my mistake.
So now the only thing that is bugs me is that Plasma doesn’t show any induction for the lack of this function. When you click “Get New Plugin” the unit conversion is not there (probably because it’s a core function)
I’ll try to ask on the bug report on KDE bugs system.
I still think its should be included, because the normal user that search for it will not find it. I even tried to install kunitconversion but it didn’t work

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I’m not understanding this because i don’t have kdeplasma-addons installed but i do have krunner. I have no issue that I’m aware of. :man_shrugging:

Edit: Yes i see it doesn’t show up in the menu. :thinking:

Edit2: I guess you can’t miss what you don’t know is missing. :laughing:


I find :enos: plasma’s default offering very satisfactory. If I need something, I can install it.

I use Plasma 99% of the time, and I don’t have kdeplasma-addons installed. It’s certainly not a necessary package.

I think it’s better not to have it installed by default. It comes down to distro philosophy, but personally, in cases like this I think it’s better to err on the side of less bloat, because KDE Plasma works perfectly fine without it – there is nothing broken if this package is missing.

The user can easily install kdeplasma-addons if he needs it. The only potential issue I see here is that the user might not know that this package even exists or what it does (the package description is very minimal). It also doesn’t help that the Arch Wiki entry for KDE does not mention what exactly this package contains.

So I think it would be better to improve the wiki page, rather than to force all Plasma users to bloat up their systems (even more :rofl:).