Kathmandu, here we come!

If that is your choice.

You should keep in mind that, in the meantime, you may be missing out on important updates to other packages.

And also, the fact that only updating some component of your system, a so called partial upgrade, is not supported and may lead to a broken system.

Personally, I choose to stick with GNOME 46, some broken extensions and a fully updated system.
You wouldn’t know when (or if at all) an extension will be update to support GNOME 46.


Works great for me but I’ll wait for dash to panel to be updated before using it again

It is already.



Awesome news, that was pretty fast. I had just checked before posting my previous message

Yeah, great to see DtoP was updated. It just happened a moment ago. Looks like many devs are on top the situation and updates keep coming in a quite fast pace. Nice!

Waiting for one or two more of my “can’t-live-without” extensions to be updated and then you can color me a happy Gnomie.

TIL I learned you can disable version validation https://extensions.gnome.org/local/
I managed to enable most of the extension with this. I really needed the appindicator extension. That’s the one thing that should be a built-in feature, most of the apps I use has a tray icon…

Wow they fixed the Remote Desktop, until now it was insanely laggy even through LAN. Now you can even login.

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I’m holding off on the update to 46 because Dash to Dock breaks compatibility and I learn how reliant on that extension I am every time it’s behind an update!