Kathmandu, here we come!

The GNOME project is excited to present the latest GNOME release, version 46. This latest version is the result of 6 month’s hard work by the GNOME community. Thank you to everyone who contributed!

GNOME 46 is code-named “Kathmandu”, in recognition of the amazing work done by the organizers of GNOME.Asia 2023.


Some very welcome improvements :smiley:

What’s your guess as to when it will slide out of Gnome Unstable into the main repos? At the 46.1 release?


A good overview from The Linux Experiment on YouTube. As a KDE user for quite a while (and Cinnamon from time to time), I may install it on my laptop once it’s available. Looks quite intriguing.


This is when it usually gets into Arch’s “stable” repo.

Last time I checked, a few days ago, many components of it were in gnome-unstable.

I am not entirely sure if it goes directly from gnome-unstable to the ordinary repos or it will take a detour via testings. I’m leaning towards the latter.

Interestingly, the person maintaining a repo for GNOME’s pre-release packages, Fabian Bornschein is now part of the Arch team. It’s good to have him on-board.



Don’t tell @pebcak :shushing_face: but it looks so intriguing that I’m trying out Gnome now in anticipation of the 46 release.


Wau that`s great news! ecosystem is one step more consistent now !


but be aware… just tried gnome-unstable adding real quick and needed to revert to get Desktop back… could be it was nvidia issue also… not sure…


Looks like the same old Gnome? :rofl:

Edit: Guess I’ll have to try it.


Yes, it’s worth a perusal

One drive?!? Now we’re talking. That’s a feature I’ve been dying to have.

There’s not much different. Updates aren’t really that necessary honestly. If they get refresh rates and fractional scaling right. . . It’s just good as it is. It doesn’t need a whole lot of new features honestly. It could be the next MATE, or lxde. Never update again.

Oh, and the one and only freaking request I’ve ever made. CAN WE PLEASE HAVE A SIMPLE MONDAY START OPTION?!? Literally every other DE has a simple checkbox or slector. It’s the only feature missing for me.

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If the latest snapshot (20240320) passes QA, then Gnome 46 will be in the next openSUSETumbleweed release - today/tomorrow depending on your timezone :mantelpiece_clock:



GNOME 46 now in [extra-testing]

extra-testing/gnome-shell 1:46.0-1 (gnome) [installed: 1:45.5-1]
    Next generation desktop shell

PS. I think I am going to sit down and not rocking the boat here :sweat_smile:

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Wow, look at that! You did it!

I’m going to wait a little. I’m enjoying my current set up quite a bit so I don’t want things (some extensions usually) to break right now.

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and I’m waiting for you… :cold_face:

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Thanks! I need all the waiting I can get :rofl:


i would not mind to burn the Gnome drive as i do not use it as my daily driver its only for testing …

Also running fine feels slick and fast and the search is nice indeed… No issue with old configs it seems.

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Great! Good to know that it is running fine!
I kind of guessed that you might be running it on a test install.

I don’t have a test install at the moment so I have to hold myself.

It is though quite tempting to just press enter at:

:: Proceed with installation? [Y/n]

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Oh…Oh…Oh…Shinny new things!!! I’m all for it! :wink:

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