Kate text editor - horizontal scrolling

Throughout the Kate text editor, although I do see there is a bar for horizontal scrolling, I was not able to do the common shortcut Shift + Scroll. Is there any way to add this?

Thank you in advance!

  • Desktop: Plasma KDE
  • Kernal version: 6.2.2-arch1-1

If this were a common shortcut, it means I would know it, which I don’t, and this means it is not common.
To avoid xyproblem circles, would you mind describing what do you want to accomplish, and why do you believe it is possible? Any previous experience?

I don’t think it is possible to scroll horizontally in Kate using the mouse wheel. I could be wrong, but I can’t find the option to set it.

If I’m not wrong, that is one of very few flaws of Kate.


Hold ALT + Mouse wheel



I’m so happy I was wrong. I never use that, though… 80 characters per line master race :rofl:

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Or put the cursor in the horizontal scroll bar area and use mouse wheel (no need for ALT)


I just simply wanted to find a way to scroll horizontally in Kate using the mouse wheel. I intially thought I could do it by holding Shift and scroll seems it can be done in Vscode, Microsoft Docs (and other horizontal-scroll enable softwares).

But seems like @keybreak had a surprising answer.


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