Kalu bug required pacman 5.1

Unfortunately for those who would like to upgrade to pacman 5.2 they must remove the kalu package:

sudo pacman -Rdd kalu

Then you can quietly update.

sudo pacman -Syu

There is a commit available, but not applied. Looks like Kalu is on the wrong road.

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Hi @specialworld83,

for a complete thread about to remove Kalu and pacman 5.2 bug

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Dev of Kalu seem to not developing it active anymore:

Latest commit by jjk-jacky over 1 year ago

There is a repository for newer code to be merged, or it look so: https://github.com/deraffe/kalu/tree/pacman-5.2-next

As we now have eos-update-notifier from @manuel we will take this instead, it also shows archnews, and development running fast on it… have also a notifier to remind you to reboot after some system updates…

We will not provide a package for kalu anymore at EnOS repository.

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