Just say yes to replace

Hi, I am just wondering when plasma 6 is here will it rename xxxx5 to xxxx6 like this so we can easily change by saying yes, or it will have xxxx6 while keep xxxx5 activate so we need to manually replace it (or decide not to)?

I am sorry but the crystal ball is currently broken. No way to tell the future.

Both ways can happen, time will tell which one will happen.

All depends on whether KDE will offer an upgrade path or not and if Arch package maintainers choose to go the upgrade path or the manual path.


It’s interesting, because before I didn’t pay attention to the manual approval of package updates either, even though I’ve had KDE installed for a long time, at most I used another desktop environment (Xfce or Cinnamon) before, but now I’ve been using Plasma for quite some time. Just a question: can’t the one-by-one approval process be somehow automated when updating packages?

It’s quite possible it will get re named like this again. I don’t really remember the plasma 4>5 change since I was using Cinnamon at the time. But as far as choosing which one you will use, you won’t be able to go back and forth unless they create yet another desktop environment choice. In our world here, there’s only up to date, we don’t live in the past.

The name change will probably be more for Fedora who carries 2 options (currently 37+38) and Ubuntu/debian based stuff that has 2 or 3 options based on kernel. This way they can separate their legacy packages from current until it dies off.


kde neon unstable has it. If that hasn’t been mentioned before.

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One consequence of the changes @joekamprad is that solid in the :enos: default KDE package list is now solid5. My assumption is that solid will still work for now, and hopefully until the new :enos: ISO…


if not we can hotfix stuff like that for already released ISO too.
For now it still accept the old name and install the new i think.


Since there has been several threads where users ask about what they should be doing about this renaming/replacing of packages, perhaps it might be a good idea to pin the op?


Were you wanting it to be pinned under notifications? I just realized it’s only pinned under Desktop Environments Plasma.

Edit: Probably has to be moved to Important Notifications first then pinned?


Sine I always get confused when I see things like this:

Is “just say yes” an universal advice for updates? And what would be valid reasons to say no?

It was in the above case in the first post in this topic, but it was also in the form of Y/n where the capital letter represents the “recommended” option. You should usually choose the “recommended” option, unless you know that you have set up your system differently to that recommendation.

If in doubt, feel free to ask though.

If “yes” was a universally correct answer to all questions regarding updates, what would be the point of the package manager asking you?

You should endeavour to understand what is going on, and not just blindly accept default answers.



That’s exactly what I’m trying to figure out here. Same train of thought. If it’s always yes then why is it even asking me.

Ideally yes! The problem is just that lifetime is limited and every day has just 24 hours and there are countless things I’m interested in and want to do. And then there are the things I have to do although I don’t really want to. Like work 8-10 hours a day.
I still try to learn something every single day 'cause a day without learning something feels like a lost day to me. But of the things I want to do/learn, Linux has rather low priority because it’s complex and not very accessible. I was a computer nerd when I was younger and I can confidently say that my knowledge is still higher then those of 99% of ppl out there but these days I tend to see myself more of a educated user than a (self taught) admin.

But hey, I’m curious and I asked. So teach me and I will listen. But just saying “you should know what your doing” is a bit cheap IMO. If Linux had just users who “know what they doing” the marketshare would be 1/3. And for Windows it would drop to 1% probably :grin:

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Oh, i thought it’s weird when updating them today morning :open_mouth:

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i lol’d a bit too loud (at work); damn you NX!. :laughing:

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Some backstory:

EOS-newby. End-user.
Some testing experience (Xubuntu).
Lots of Linux experience (as a user and ‘admin for the family’)
Some error-reporting experience (apps, system; launchpad, git, bugzilla, …).
Some translation experience (transifex (?))
No dev-knowledge at all.

Knowing that Plasma 6 Beta needs testing soon, and as I have a spare partition:

Is there a way to install EndeavourOS KDE/Plasma with dev-version Plasma 6 as a secondary system, and use that and report any bugs I may experience?
And would that be useful?

I’d like to help.