JDS Labs amp disconnecting

So I recently got a JDS Labs Element 2. It’s an external headphone amp+DAC.

Anyways, while it does work, it seems to disconnect from the PC at random during audio playback interrupts. This specifically seems to happen from browser audio sources (tested on both Firefox & Chromium).

What I mean by this is it will no longer be detected by the PC seemingly at random when some browser audio source is paused. I have not had it disconnect from non-browser sources (such as cmus).

All I could think to try was to disable USB power-saving with a udev rule, but that had no effect.

The official support sent a second hardware unit to test, which had the same problems, so it doesn’t seem to be a hardware issue. They didn’t have any other recommendations on fixing the issue however, so now I’m here.

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Right thinking, do you have TLP by chance?
Maybe try see it’s settings, they might override UDEV rules priority

For ease you can use TLP-UI, USB section



Do you have other USB devices connected which are drawing power? Have you tried other ports, cables, etc.?

Running tlp-stat does show Autosuspend = enabled under the USB section.

I did try different ports & cables with no luck.

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Yep, try to disable it and see if it works, if it is - next you can set USB_BLACKLIST individually, hopefully that will help :upside_down_face: