Its a shame the way people has been introduced to operating systems. really

Prob this has been a topic heavily discussed before.
I will start with the obvious answer. LOL
I know the bottom line will be its what people are used to or some things wont run on linux.
Here is my rant. hahaha.
I have been in the computer trade for many years and around where I come from North of the UK all retail shops only sell machines ( laptops / desktops ) that are pre installed with microshayt windows and apple.
Its a shame really as users are brainwashed in the worst possible scenario right from the off.
I can 90% of the time show people an linux alternative that will do their required job as good if not better, but for some reason most people are even too afraid to even try linux alternatives that cost them nothing.
I believe that if retail shops ship new builds with a linux distro users would not go down the MS shayt route at all and become long term linux users.
I always inform people about linux and its advantages but its normally ignored by Joe public.
I mean come on windows…hahahaha your asking for trouble even mentioning the name never mind to use it, imagine having to put up with all that crap on a daily basis. Virus, malware, spyware, trojans, keyloggers the list goes on.
I have tried pre installing distros and selling used computers with little success due to the word linux been in the ads I type, I have invited buyers to my home and give them a hour on a linux based system and they still insist on windows. Seems I cant win.
Most only use a browser and not the actual computer itself and can not understand any system can connect to the internet.
I am not trying to convert the dumb only give another option that’s way safer/secure and easier to play with.
I have a couple of dated imacs in late 2012 27 inch models which I will install EOS before the sale.
I always mention that the OS is free and all I sell is the computer itself.
My question is this although we think arch based distros are easy will everyone think this or will they generally break the OS. Am I better installing Mint or Ubuntu for a total newby ?
PS: I nearly put pure arch on one last night but I think I might be pushing my luck doing that for a new linux user although its not hard.
Well that’s my rant over. LOL. Cheers and long live EOS




Depends the mindset. 99.99% of the Joe windows user just wants it to work, and use what they are used to. If they would try linux, the goal is minimum maintenance, just click on a button for updates and back up. I had breakage with Mint before, its a fine distro but had better out of the box experience with Ubuntu/Pop OS. These are pretty dummy proof. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Or just install Gentoo with Windoze theme. They won’t be able to uninstall it anyway… :rofl:

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Splendid idea

It’s good that you have tried. I will only very rarely mention Linux to people I think might be open to it and quite often they’ve said they already use it. Linux users are rare but reasonably easy to spot I guess. :sweat_smile:

It’s absolutely the same here (US).
I tried to have a program (featuring installation) last year, put up flyers in nearby school and community colleges, attendees: none :frowning: Free of course…

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the big trouble is install and update:
as you are old user apple , you know that , and all process in the GUI is for any user

on linux , you have to be admin with your os , and many operation are not so user friendly ,

just as an example , you have installed a linux on a disk a , and you want add disk b or usb external disk , maybe ntfs disks , there is no GUI for that , and it required more than one command line…

==> you have to be a little admin for that
( use chown , and update /etc/fstab to mount disks with good options for ntfs or any else filesystem )

People ask what I use, I tell them Arch Linux or Arch based Linux for the most part and leave it at that.


Seems like we are not saying linux is absolutely spot on and better than MS shayt and know we are not going to get a reply unless the answer is “hey I love linux”
You think “champion” another linux guy !
90% of the answers after you tell them your a linux user will be nothing at all ( No answer means = no understand. LOL ) or " f**k that I like windows" or I need windows, its all I know.
Or the best one is. You got to type shit in all the time so fuck that. LOL
Linux is so misunderstood.

People should use what works for them. For me it’s Linux, for the next folk it maybe something else. :wink:

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Like BSD?

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or Gnu/Linux?

Perhaps it is forgotten now, but the sale of machines with junk installed from the store was mandated by one of the biggest scams ever perpetrated by a vendor. First MS got a law passed that machines needed to be sold with an OS pre-installed (to put a kink in ‘piracy’), then leveraged their already strong market position to threaten any retailer that DARED to offer anything but Windows with being cut off from a supply of Windows at all. Few could afford such a situation, and thus we lost access to alternatives, most of which were superior (look up BeOS, for example).

Needless to mention, the slap on the wrist that this eventually generated was well worth it to them over time…

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Linux has evolved so much since how I remember it in the Windows 98 era. I imagine in the next 10 to 20 years that most software issues that scare off some first time users will be a thing of the past and the GUI experience will have evolved into something that even casual computer users can appreciate. Right now, I don’t generally advise most people to switch to Linux just because I love it and think it’s supreme (which I do).

An example is a friend of mine that I installed Debian for on his desktop. It’s been a year since I did that for him and I still regularly get asked questions such as “how do I change the sources list to get backports” or “how do I downgrade my NVIDIA GPU driver version”, etc. Just simple tasks that I would expect him to have learned by now or at least figure out without needing to ask me seem like they’re just not sticking in his brain. This is because he doesn’t have a love or affinity for computers like how I do. For him, it’s a tool like a screwdriver, he only uses it when he needs to and that’s precisely the types of users who should be using windows and mac in present day IMO.

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Most of the people here on the forum just want their system to work as well. Yet a lot of people don’t seem to take the time to learn how their system works so that when their system does break they will know how to do at least do some basic troubleshooting so that they can fix their own system. Yes if someone is new to EndeavourOS and to new Linux you can’t know everything, but if someone is using EndeavourOS/Arch I would assume you want to know more about your system instead of treating it like you are running something more beginner friendly such as Mint or Ubuntu. That’s what I find a shame that a lot of people don’t seem to care about knowing how their system works anymore, seeing how many helpdesk type topics come across on the forum. Or maybe it’s just me?

common users have a different need: they have to be able to call someone in case of need.
With Macroshot, you just call their helpdesk; with Linux, who are you going to call?

Many, many years ago, me and friends used to spend time imagining an average Joe calling a “linux helpdesk” and trying to figure out how to execute nerdy instructions.
“Sir, before calling us, did you RTFM?” → “where can I find the rtfm command?”
Cue laughters.

“Sir, before calling us, did you RTFM?”


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I have it in my .bashrc

alias rtfm='man'



No, it’s not just you.

I guess, it may be explained by the fact that many people are born and bred in a Culture of Speedy Gratification.

They want it all and they want it now with as less personal effort as possible being invested and as much personal gain as possible being harvested.

It’s the same when it comes to the use of their operating system.

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