Issues with 32-bit Libraries?

Hello, I had just booted up my laptop today and ran into multiple errors. I’m not sure if it didn’t shut down properly last night or if something else happened, but when I try to open up Plasma’s application launcher, I get this:

file:///usr/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.plasma.kickoff/contents/ui/main.qml:173:25: Type FullRepresentation unavailable

file:///usr/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.plasma.kickoff/contents/ui/FullRepresentation.qml:69:13: Type Header unavailable

file:///usr/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.plasma.kickoff/contents/ui/Header.qml:18:1: module “org.kde.kirigamiaddons.components” is not installed

Also, when trying to launch steam, I get the message that the following 32-bit libraries: libc.20.6 are missing. and when attempting to open up Pulse Browser, it simply crashes with no error message, so I’m having to use chromium to access the web.

I also had to load into X11 rather than Wayland, since it wasn’t able to load properly

Do you have “lib32-glibc” installed? That may be causing the issue with steam.

I have no idea on the other issues.

Yes, I’ve verified that I have lib32-glibc installed and updated

It’s possible that these errors are just due to a recent KDE packages update. Some people have had different errors after updating.

A temporary/permanent workaround that most users are uncomfortable with is to install a WM (window manager) alongside KDE so that you can use your system without issue while waiting for another update.

The easiest one to work with would be Openbox. After installing it, you will be able to select “KDE/Openbox” from the login screen.

using openbox didn’t help either. I also just updated my packages today, and I got a message about a pipe being broken, but I wasn’t able to copy that output.

I see the future … oh it seems like a reinstall … :stuck_out_tongue:

Just joking according to your description it seems like KDE broke the system. As @ddnn said use a WM or just install a new DE like Gnome or XFCE. Back up your /home folder before doing that.

@Neko_Silver already replied that using a window manager did not help. Sounds like some packages are corrupted and should be reinstalled especially with error messages around certain files being missing.

Advice for future help requests:

When looking for help and troubleshooting, please show the steps taken so that we know exactly what you’ve done. Saying it didn’t help, is usually not enough information.

In this case, it maybe is enough if you logged into a KDE/Openbox session and tried to click the app launcher, because essentially this is a KDE-specific bug. Using an Openbox-only session would not be able to reproduce this bug, because you wouldn’t be able to click KDE’s app launcher.

Now, a possible solution:

According to, you may need to uninstall then reinstall plasma-framework5.

This is an old bug report, but it may fix the issue.

sudo pacman -Rs plasma-framework5
sudo pacman -S plasma-framework5

If it doesn’t fix it, it’s a good idea to learn how to search for fixes, bug reports, etc. The easiest way is to do a web search with the error message you get.

Example Web Search

For other ways, see here: [Wiki] How To Check Bug Reports