Issue with recent install

Today, I did an online XFCE install of EndeavourOS_Artemis_neo_22_8.iso.
It uses grub version 2:2.06.rxxx.xxxxxxxxxxx-1.
Installation method: Bios, ext4 on baremetal:

Calamares-Installer towards the end got stuck in a loop of grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg with no way to finish the installation:
The python-script was always trying to include /dev/sdb1 (my USB-Installer) into grub.cfg but of course couldn’t do it.


So I exited calamares and did an arch-chroot into the installed system.
There, I first did grub-install --target=i386-pc /dev/sda, then sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg.
When I wanted to update, I found NetworkManager.service wasn’t enabled and startet yet.
Next thing, displaymanager service needed to be enabled before being able to boot into the XFCE-GUI.
First update via yay went fine.
Then, installing another kernel (zen) gave more problems… so sudo mkinitcpio -P before the next grub-install, and the subsequent grub-update… long story.

The result, with much tinkering:

P.S. - I wonder, was it the USB-stick, I created with Fedora image writer? It had done the job before well, a week or so ago (with a newer ISO from GitHub).

P.S.S. - Post Editor isn’t giving me the option to summarize some text. The function seems gone.

As @joekamprad showed in his post down below, it could not have been the python-script, but rather the grub-install, or the grub-update strangely breaking into a loop, not allowing calamares to finish the installation successfully.


indeed wrong thread and not the same issue …

I moved this to it’s own topic. It was a bit too off-topic for where it was.

That makes sense. The install failed so not everything in the install would have finished.


It doesn’t show up here:

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grub-install runs right before the script to finish EndeavourOS-specific settings and changes (chrooted_cleaner_script) so everything from that is not getting applied to the installed system.


good to know that there is no such issue :wink:



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What I wanted to say though —>> @dalto, @joekamprad:

I had to do grub-install after each update of the grub-package!

(Long story short.)

Too short.
Any explanation on why this on Legacy?

No idea, really.

Read my OP?

I.e. the long version of what happened today, installing the ISO from EnOS main website.

what is missing is the installer log… it could show exactly what was the issue…

Yeah, I realized that too late. After going through the installer-script searching for potential errors there, I discovered lots things that weren’t finished during install. So I deleted cache and journals all to receive a clean system… oh well.