Is there any interest in a desktop fancontrol tutorial?

I build my first PC over the last few months, and got really deep into the weeds when it comes to fan control. Because it was my first build I didn’t want to invest to much in case of fatal failure, on the other hand I got some experience with aftermarket motherboards which offer literally no build-in/BIOS fan control (e.g. Dell, HP).

From my experience fan control isn’t that difficult, but not easily approachable either. Currently I’m contemplating documenting everything (in a video), which would take some work if done right.

So I just want to test the waters and ask if somebody wanted to make fancontrol work, but gave up because of the extensive RTFM. Or is it a non-issue?


I haven’t got to it yet, but good clean tutorial is always appreciated by me :upside_down_face:


My opinion is that questions related to power management and fan control come up often enough that a tutorial would be a welcome addition.