Is there a working Discourse smartphone app?


is there a working app for using discourse a bit easier on the smartphone? There seems to be an official app, but it doesn’t work for me at all.


most mobile browsers offer to “Install” the forum, which means that the forum is added to the homescreen and then behaves like it was opened as a separate app, but technically it is still running as a browser tab.
That’s the only way I know off and I use it from time to time.

I guess there is Lexicon but that would require the Discourse host to configure (If I understand correctly). Otherwise, I don’t think that anyone has ever been able to get that DiscourseHub app to work :crazy_face:

@fbodymechanic do you have issues with Firefox-based browsers on GrapheneOS? I have tried Firefox, FF Nightly, and Fennec and all of them have major problems with freezing and broken UI elements. I have found tying to use the forum with Firefox is next to impossible. No issues with Chromium-based browsers.

Just curious since I noticed you’re running GrapheneOS too. Hopefully the off-topic nature of my comment will be forgiven.

I use DiscourseHub on my iPhone

They claim it breaks some of their security model… :man_shrugging:
I wonder about Tor :rofl:

I use Firefox for my stuff and vandium for work/normal searches.

I’ve always used bromite for the web apps, but someone just told me it’s a dead project.

I will give it a shot but I’ve not had any noticeable issues with Firefox. I’m on a pixel 6.

Yes. I use it on my android and it’s quite nice.