Is there a rss feed I can give to qbittorrent so it can automatically download the newest endeaveros iso?

I want to automatically seed the newest available archiso endeaveros iso (do I really have to be this specific -_-), but I can’t find a rss feed anywhere? Is there one to begin with?


Have you tried the Ubuntu forum or Technet yet?


Very funny

Not specific just correct. Polite also works :hugs:

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Wanting to seed the iso for other people is pretty polite if you ask me. At least give me a simple ‘no’ if there isn’t one

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There is an ISO here:

That is an RSS feed for the forum. I think he is looking for an RSS feed to auto-populate a torrent client to automate the process of keeping the torrent seeded.


That is the only RSS feed I know of.

So no I believe seeding torrents was an option with the ISO a long time ago. It was removed but the reasons escape me.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that thread only about the forum?

Thank you! I’ll be here all week! No merch yet though, sorry…

I will answer your question: no, there is no iso feed. If you get the torrent for the latest version of EndeavourOS you’ll notice most of the data comes from webseeds. This kind of defeats the purpose of the torrent, but I guess this is not an issue for the hosting partner.

Side note:
This thread could have gotten a lot less abrasive.
@pistrie, I guess you managed to piss off people by negligently calling EndeavourOS “arch”. It seems the community doesn’t take lightly to such slips, which is understandable given the effort that goes into maintaining a distro and the investment of the community in the said distro.


only rss feed is for Endeavouros news is :

only pure rss feed for new iso releases :

but that does not work nice :stuck_out_tongue:

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