Is there a KDE Plasmoid for xeyes?

In both MATE and XFCE, there is an applet for xeyes, which tracks the position of the cursor.

(Eyes applet in MATE desktop).

Is something similar available on KDE Plasma?

The nearest thing I found is the following GitHub project, but it does not have any installation instructions. Does anyone know how to use it?

lxqt got qeyes :slight_smile:

I think you want xorg-xeyes but it doesn’t work on Wayland just so you know.

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I want the eyes to be a plasmoid on the panel :grin:.


I want doesn’t always get. :laughing:


Hi, just made an account to let you know I am working on this :eyes:


As you can see, is currently just a very bare-bones prototype so will contain bugs :bug: It’s currently just manual install but I plan to add it to the KDE Store once is polished



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Does it work on Wayland? :slight_smile:

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Both X11 and Wayland

Plasma 6 only btw


It’s time! Come to the dark side. :eyes:

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and @Kresimir said it cant be done. Finally it can.

I’m really interested in how it works. :slight_smile:

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Look like the same method i’ve shown to you :eyes:

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How does it work?

  1. Loads and runs a KWin Script on the fly
  2. Creates a D-Bus service
  3. The KWin Script sends the cursor position to the D-Bus service
  4. The widget gets the last saved cursor position from the D-Bus service

Basically takes care of KWin side and the widget itself uses some math to react to that


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