Is theming working properly on 40 yet?

See title, basically…

It works on KDE Plasma, I can tell you that much :wink:


I was not having very good luck with it yesterday in Fedora. . . .

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Heh, I actually was running KDE Neon for an hour off a stick and it just reaffirmed I can’t stand using it. I always end up annoyed by it.

I appreciate your joke tho :slight_smile: And I agree with that.

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Yes, but you need an up-to-date theme :wink:

Which never is the ones I like :wink:

I was just talking to someone about this a little while ago. ALL I WANT:

Cinnamon taskbar so I can center my calendar.
GNOME gestures so I can swipe virtual workspaces.
KDE everything else. . .

Is that so much to ask for REALLY??

(maybe someday. . . )


Kde is much better with the new EndeavourOS background. You could spice it up with Latte Dock.


I’m triple booting atm with Pop!_OS and it uses Gnome 40. That dock steadfastly refuses to accept a theme at all :joy:


PopOS doesn’t use gnome 40

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Does it not?

They’ve set it up to look exactly like 40 then :joy:

Yeah they are using their “own” Cosmic desktop on 21.04 which is based on Gnome 3.38

Either way, their dock won’t bloody theme at all :joy:

Plasma default setup OOTB annoys me too, although probably not as much as you … luckily just about everything can be changed to suit any workflow to a tee.

Didn’t realise just how far from default my systems are until I did a fresh KDE VM install with the newest EndOS ISO.

With Gnome you are stuck with what they give you, either like it or lump it.

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Indeed. Default Plasma is very bland, though I do find it to be quite usable.

For example, the default Konsole config makes it look hideous, with the big fat toolbar, menubar and titlebar.

However, once you dive into that rabbit hole of Plasma customisation, there’s no telling where you’ll end up. The problem is that people who have not spent sufficient time customising Plasma have little to no idea of what is possible, so it’s really impossible to describe it… Two Plasma configurations can be so different it is almost impossible to tell it’s the same DE. And it’s not just aesthetics, but the entire workflow can be dramatically changed.