Is Pantheon or Unity available as DE's?

I tried posting in DE’s category, but not categories for these.

I want to try Pantheon, I see a bunch of Pantheon packages in the repo, but no “pantheon-desktop”-like package.

I also like the ‘new’ Unity in Ubuntu, but. I do not want to change to Ubuntu (no offence), is there an extra repo for these DE’s?


There is a group called pantheon. I would give a fair warning that pantheon is not really targeted at a rolling system like Arch and as a result is often broken.

There is an unofficial repo for Unity but I am not sure how well maintained it is at this point.

I would also provide my standard warning about 3rd party repos.

There’s pantheon on the ArchWiki. I tried it in an Arch based VM once, in the form of elementary OS, but I wasn’t impressed at all. Of course, YMMV.

Yes, that is the reason, I have the Elementary ISO for install, out of curiosity, but I am not sure if I care for yet another 'buntu based distro, so maybe if I can try de DE as standalone.

Anyway, I guess if they are good (Pantheon and Unity) they will be a thing later on.

That repo is one version of Unity behind the latest (7.6 > Ubuntu 22.10 versus 7.7 > Ubuntu 23.04). One update would do it as Unity doesn’t appear to do interim versions - it is in effect updated once every six months.

Ubuntu Unity is good, but it would be better if it were not Ubuntu :coffin:

You can take a look at an online-simulation here (Big thanks to @swh):

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Testing distros online,
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That is the irony, I have the 16.04 ISO, as a reminder of the good’ol’days.

Maybe I’ll try that repo.