Is it normal that the Arch News page has opened by itself?

Hi friends.

I was watching a video on YouTube, I didn’t touch the keyboard or the mouse, and suddenly this Arch page opened:

Sorry if the question is dumb, but I’ve been using EOS for 1 year and it’s never happened to me.

Is it normal, has it happened to anyone else? I just want to know if something is wrong with my EOS. I got a little scared, you know, when I used Windows, this was not a good sign. :sweat:

Although it is the Arch page, which makes sense, but this has never happened to me before.


nothing that happens out of normal is dumb. let yourself off the hook.

so your browser brought this arch page up and interrupted your youtube? or it launched in another browser and interrupted your youtube video?
more context needed.

somewhere in eos world a notification became tied to something by accident?
or notifications on in eos or browser?

good mystery but tell more.

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It’s not normal. It’s very abnormal, actually. Never happened to me.

I don’t see how we can troubleshoot this based on the info you’ve provided. I would say the chances are pretty high you inadvertently clicked on something without realising it, but you say you didn’t touch the keyboard or the mouse…

Maybe you have some update notifier gone rogue or something… I usually debloat my installations and remove all that junk.

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This just happened to me as well. I was also just watching youtube, time rolled to midnight, the EOS update notifier popped up and the arch news page opened. /etc/eos-update-notifier.conf has ShowArchNewsPage=no so it shouldn’t happen but it appears it may have ignored that setting?

Like nicknick, I have also never seen this until today.


I think someone did a oopsie-doopsie…perhaps even fucky-wucky?! :rofl:


Just happened to me I was reading an article on reddit.

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Happened to me as well. 00:07 pacific time.

This is the second time in the last little while that Arch news page was opened unexpectedly.

The first was in the morning when I booted a week or two ago, may be related.

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A possible solution: remove the update notifier.

sudo pacman -R eos-update-notifier

The user nobody needs an update notifier on Arch Linux. You don’t need some script to tell you that there are always updates available.


yep they have re-elected Levente

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Yes, this has happened to me too. The first time about a week ago maybe, and then again today. It happens just after logging in. Firefox opens out of nowhere.


similar happened to me about 13 hours ago. was on xfce environment (i mainly use kde) and had the update notifier pop up saying an update would break because installing the kernel would require removing nvidia drivers. i could choose to quit or continue and upon choosing quit, the whole system became unresponsive to the point i had to REISUB into kde. thing is i was not using my system at the time. i was looking at my phone and didnt click or hit the keyboard accidentally. i just looked up after a while and the pop up was there


There seems to be a bug that shows the news page when it shouldn’t.
eos-update-notifier is not so actively maintained, but I’ll fix this bug, remove the code showing the news, and also remove some small features that seemingly are not much used.

It is true that eos-update-notifier is not a necessary app for users familiar with the Arch ways.
Also, it looks like there are users quite actively using this, so I will not kill this app for now, but simply let each user decide whether to use it or not.


I could very well be wrong, but I think most users are using the eos-update-notifier because it is present by default, and they get the impression it is somehow important or necessary.


I like it, not sure if it’s a useful thing, I just like seeing notification numbers… This browser opening thing is weird though, it should only open something after the user clicks on something, it should display a notification if there is a new announcement, who knows how urgent it will be… another backdoor or something.


Why not write a simple script showing random numbers instead of pinging Arch for OCD? :rofl:


Just run arch-audit -u to see if there are any vulnerabilities that can be fixed by updating the system. The exact number of updates available tells you nothing important.

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Thank you all for all your responses friends, and sorry for my bad English, I’m using the translator.

Thank you friend. :grinning: I was watching YouTube in full screen Mozilla Firefox, and the Arch page opened in a new Mozilla Firefox tab, next to Youtube.

Oh right, I forgot to mention that the eos-update message appeared 1 minute later, that makes sense! I didn’t give it importance, that’s why I didn’t mention it.

Yes it is possible, the eos-update popup appeared 1 minute later at 00:06 (GMT+1)

Oh, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one this happened to, that’s what I wanted to know, thanks!

I’m using KDE Xorg/X11 in case this can help.

:joy: Nah, everything is fine, it’s really nothing serious, it’s just me who always gets scared by everything. I thought I had touched or broken something. :sweat_smile:

Thank you friend. I thought I was the only one, because yesterday I activated SysRq (REISUB) and was trying it for the first time, and I thought that misconfigured something.

It appeared to me 1 minute after this happened, at 00:06:45 (GMT+1). xD

Thanks, I didn’t know it could be uninstalled. I always use “yay” from the terminal to update, so I don’t pay attention to that popup.

I am following the recommendations of the forum and I no longer update every day, so this window appears when I do not update for several days (I usually update every 7 days). So I’ve started seeing that window recently.

Although it’s nothing serious and it doesn’t bother me that the Arch page opens, I just thought I broke something. :sweat_smile:

Thank you friend. It must be the eos-update then, nothing serious.

Thank you friend. I have to update tomorrow, I hope my EOS doesn’t get stuck.

Luckily I just learned how to use SysRq (REISUB) (I activated and used it for the first time yesterday), so I no longer have to brute force shutdown the PC if this happens.

(Although fortunately I haven’t had to use brute force on my new installation of my EOS, así que no debo tener ningún archivo “roto”)

Thank you friend. It didn’t really bother me or anything, if instead of the Arch page the Microsoft page had appeared, then I really would have panicked. :joy:

I just thought that I had touched or broken something and that’s why I opened the thread.

Yes, you’re right, I spent 1 week testing Ubuntu, and almost 1 month on Fedora, before finding and staying permanently here on EOS.

The first week I used EOS, I updated using the EOS Welcome application because I was used to Ubuntu and Fedora, until you all taught me how to use the terminal, and since then I have not used eos-update again.

Although I still use the first 2 buttons of the Welcome application, called “Update Mirrors (Arch)” and “Update Mirrors (EndeavourOS)”, to update the mirrors, once a month, although surely that can also be done through the terminal, although I’m not sure, because I’m still quite a noob. But when I learn to do it from the terminal, I will also stop using those 2 buttons.

Yes, as I have heard so many times “if it works, don’t touch it”, I always leave everything defualt on my EOS. But if it’s really not necessary and I can uninstall it without problems, then I will uninstall it.

Although, isn’t it better to use yay -Rns eos-update-notifier to clean everything better? It is what I always use to uninstall programs and clean my EOS. Our friends on our forum told me that this command will uninstall and delete the program’s configuration files.

No friend, don’t say that :sob:

It is not necessary, you can safely uninstall it.

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hmm we should include a challenge question popup system to check if user is not that noob anymore and if so uninstall the notifier :wink:

We know already that the same 5 users do not like such tools, but there are a lot of users out there new to arch or lazy, that do use these tools. (no offense)
You can easily uncheck them already on installing the OS, most of the tools have the idea to make it easier to get used to the functions, not as recommended tools to manage the OS… You can all do that however you like.


Are you h4xXx0r?

Yes or YES