Is Endeavour a Slow Arch?

Only Garuda is slower …

Ended up skipping through most of it, his voice is audible valium to me, so I gather the differences are pretty minimal across the boards, which I’d pretty much expect. So…meh.


It’s funny how statistics works. When he runs benchmarks that are statistically significant, the results are pretty much tied (because it’s the same OS), when he runs tests with no statistical significance, he gets different results each time (surprise surprise).

The only valid conclusion from this video is that there is no noticeable speed difference between various Arch-based distros.


I saw that a Swede had tried with some problems:

Personally, I have never tried Garuda Linux.

There’s one thing I don’t understand if kdenlive is so important for you, why not test it on Plasma instead of Xfce? It performs much better in its own environment and I’m not saying this because we were the ones with the worst time.


With all above being said differences between Arch XFCE and EnOS XFCE surprised me… :thinking:
WHY? :laughing:


To be honest that puzzled me also… :thinking:

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It must be quantum physics observer effects in play embedded in 0.01% of TRUE Arch which EndeavourOS lacks…

EndeavourOS performs same as Arch when you’re not watching :rofl:


Nah - I think the measurement is off - he waited until Welcome was up too before counting the reboot complete :grin:


The comparison lags in several corners anyway:

  • Garuda uses BTRFS and a different kernel
  • Manjaro has custom boot settings
  • Archlinux has not made any changes or additional features
  • EndeavorOS does not have any changes that accelerate the system and rather a slowdown by TLP
  1. The boot process is influenced by factors such as mandb updates or fsck which run sporadically.
  2. differences are all over very little also :wink:
  3. If you would challenge the 3 (Archlinux is not in for tuning per default) currently Manjaro and Garuda would win the challenge, because they have an almost complete Hardware detection framework in use (MHWD),
    EndeavourOS does not, as our goal is to make it easy to set up manually on your needs, and not to have a system highly configured automatically without you knowing exactly what is changed and how to use /change it.

Now that makes sense :+1:


So much timing, so little analysis.


Yep. Not a very informative video. But at least was Endeavour in the media. :slight_smile:

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True. I’d not heard of Garuda until recently. These kind of things help with exposure.

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