Is Deepin DE is worth the try?

Hello all,

I seen what Windows 11 looks like and it reminds me so much of Deepin and how Mac BigSur does as well, so it got me thinking about Deepin how I do like the look of it but when Deepin OS first came out I was never into the workflow and the dock I never like how everything is on the dock. Now I know you can get the “Windows” like panel on the bottom.

I was a Gnome fan until I switched to Plasma and feel in love with it, but Deepin is now taking my interest so I was wanting to know is Deepin worth looking into.

If you all got screenshots of your Deepin setup to persuaded me I love seeing setups but if not a simple yes will work :slight_smile:

Thank you all! :smiley:

I haven’t tried it in a while - but the last time I did, I wouldn’t use it for anything more than just playing around with it. It was not great. Their model just doesn’t jive with rolling releases - it barely works with snapshot releasees.

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Yeah, I use Plasma as my daily and thought about giving Deepin a go as my daily. But that what it looks like just something to play around with.

It’s a shame because it’s a beautiful DE



Yes, as I’ve diatribed before, I don’t want to be running 2 year old software…it feels so…retro…
Also, I’m just not quite sure I want to live in China (if you know what I mean)…course I could freely say I’m not sure I want to live in the US either.


Plasma is where it’s at. The last time we did a poll a year or so ago - I believe Plasma was ahead by a fairly tall margin.


Doesn’t surprise me :smiley:

I might install it on a Vbox and look into it when I get home from work instead installing it on my current install.

If you’re go seriously consider giving it a go - and I rarely suggest anything Ubuntu - Ubuntu DDE will most likely be your best/most stable experience with Deepin.

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Yeah I didn’t think about looking at UbuntuDDE, I’ll take a look thanks.

I’m marking this as a solution even though I wasn’t looking for a actual solution just a conversation thread :slight_smile:

:point_up: This post should be marked as solution. It’s the most concise, yet the most detailed description od Deepin that exists.


@TheLamerLinux , if it is just for “aesthetics”, then, there is no DE you can t tailor to your liking one way or the other. And since you are on Plasma, this is how mine looks. :wink:


Love the transparency, IMO transparency is still the future, second to blur transparent :smiley:


Yeah, with Plasma especially, you can spend the rest of your life customising it. :rofl:

BTW, that’s a really nice Plasma desktop, @anarch.


Yeah that’s what I love about Plasma, I love Gnome workflow and Plasma customization so I had the best of both worlds. Installed Plasma and made it look like how I customize Gnome and getting the keyboard shortcuts work the same

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If only it would not always break so quickly … :unamused:


Indeed, far better strategy would be to customizing rest of your life something like AwesomeWM on your own, even if you make it look just like default Plasma - it will be more stable / hassle-free long-term…

coz of 0 bloat :upside_down_face:

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@keybreak You definitely have a point, though I would probably go with Sway, because of Wayland, and I with programs I’ve picked up, I can make it look a whole lot like Plasma. There’s a thread devoted to a developer working with Garuda (but not limited to Garuda, of course) over there on his projects, I really do like them (nwg*).


I ve been using it for almost 5 years now. Have not had any issues so far. At least none I can recall. :ok_hand:


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