Is aur down again?

Per title yada yada yada (20 chars :smiley: )

Seems like it. At least it doesn’t load for me either.



I swear, if that’s Manjaro again… :rofl:


It’s back up again.

And down again :expressionless:

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I can still reach it from my end.
Maybe check here:



Yes it is. Pamac’s bugs are more to blame then the manjaro users i think.


Newbie question

Why does the arch repos never go down like the AUR does? Arch repos are used by eos, garuda, manjaro and every other arch based distros user, then why only AUR??


I cannot say for sure but I think Manjaro is the victim of it’s users irresponsible attitude towards AUR.

So if you are nice you are not blaming Manjaro as distribution - blame the user - perhaps blame the famous Pamac Manager software for being the most popular AUR helper.

The thread linked to by @keybreak is more than 9 years ago - but equally relevant today - so issues with your favorite buildscript being offline existed 9 years ago.

This thread - and the reasons for it - is the reason EndeavourOS does not provide Pamac in the repos.

The developer behind Pamac has been pushed by forum demands to create a tool which has gotten far to complex and therefore drifting out of control.

If you look into this repo and the issues - you will find that the developer has been following recommendations from Arch when it comes to pulling information.

You will also find that last time AUR went down it was an underlying issue which only got exposed because of pamacs immense popularity - not only with Manjaro but with any arch based distribution - even EndeavourOS has users which uses pamac-aur and the question pops so often that the team felt the need to create a topic explaining why this will never happen.

Just look at the popularitity numbers using the keyword pamac

No - I don’t think Manjaro users caused AUR to be down - this time - it is just a convenient scapegoat and easy target for laughter.


Sure it is, for last 3 or 4 times :laughing:

P.S. By Manjaro i’ve meant pamac of course, as it had great deal of bugs and ability to DDOS aur before :upside_down_face:


You don’t know that - Manjaro is just the easy target of a cheap joke.

AUR developers are in the midst of implementing a complete rewrite of that infrastructure - it can as easily be a server reboot - or several for that matter.


So what, i can’t joke about it then?
It’s not like i have laid blame or defended it in court.

If we’re being serious, it was likely routine stuff from post i’ve linked.


Sure you can - I don’t care - but jokes are easily turned into facts - and we don’t know what caused the outage.

Ok, you’re right, we’re in :clown_face: :earth_africa: after all, anything goes :rofl:


See the above topic

Based on a new topic created on Manjaro Forum @archbtw draws the indirect conclusion that Manjaro is to blame and that pamac bugs causes AUR to go offline.

That is what I am referring when I say


Like i’ve said, to me that’s just part of modern day :clown_face: :earth_africa:, it intensifies.
Satire becomes very mild compared to reality, even here in Linux world.


If the AUR goes down - Directly from Manjaro

So if no one talks about it, is like it never happened. Hahaha. They’ll delete the threads, sweep it away. No no, nothing to see here children. Like all good (dictators) governments do.

Generally speaking, anyone willing to cover things up, likely has some level of guilt in it. I’m with @keybreak


because the repos are many, and the AUR is only one :wink:
Repos can handle the load because it is distributed load over many repos worldwide (thats why there are mirrorlists). The AUR is a single webserver that apparently is not even behind a CDN.


From time to time the AUR, like any website, goes down.

When that happens, there is a simple, three point checklist you can follow:

  1. Check that it is not just a local issue with downforeveryoneorjustme. If it is just you, then troubleshoot your machine/network/typing skills. If it appears to be global, proceed to point two.

  2. Do not, under any circumstances, open a thread here. If AUR (or any Arch site is down), rest assured someone is working hard to bring it up. If you have reason to believe that you may have discovered this outage, check on IRC or the ML to see if it has been mentioned. At this point, remain calm and do not panic; proceed in an orderly fashion to point three.

  3. If you must have access to unsupported software, you can always take the time to learn how to write a PKGBUILD to free yourself from the tyranny of reliance on the AUR. Then, when it does come back up, you can contribute your own which, rest assured, will in due course be unavailable to some pooor soul next time the AUR is down. This is the wheel of life…

That comes originally from a 9 years old Arch Forum post:

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And?? @pebcak you can’t even imagine the irony.

I was literally banned because I refused to help someone by using pamac commands.

And now they are quoting from Arch about not creating topics referencing the AUR going down and using makepkg instead of pamac. That’s hilarious to me. That’s EXACTLY why I’m not there anymore. .

If you don’t know, now you know…