Intel Me firmware

Can someone tell me what kind of terminal command i 've to enter to upgrade intel management engine firmware, i’ve the latest ME.bin and FWUpdLcl.efi and FWUpdLcl files to do it, but i don’t know which one to pick up and which command to execute.

Thank you

Are you able to update this with a Bios update on your hardware? We are lacking sufficient information here. What is your hardware? Do you have Eos installed? Do you have Windows installed? Please psot a link for your hardware.

inxi -Faz | eos-sendlog

If you have an EFI executable then you can do this via an EFI shell - this isn’t an EndeavourOS-specific thing, so your hardware manufacturer will have documentation.

If you don’t have a way of accessing a shell via the EFI then have a read here:

Most firmware updates on newer hardware can be done automatically within the UEFI screen. Or a lot also are automatically done with updates from Windows and on reboot it automatically performs the upgrade. I have done this many times already on my HP laptop and my Lenovo. On my desktops i do it from the UEFI setup screen via a usb drive or directly from via network.

I have never used any of the Linux tools to update firmware. Someday I’ll have to try that fwupd tool.

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