Intel ME & AMT did it again!

Who could have seen that coming?! :rofl:

:clown_face: :ghost:


If you needed another reason not to buy an Intel processor…

Though, AMD is only slightly better. If you are building a computer, make sure to pick a motherboard that can disable AMD PSP in the UEFI options.

Those darn bioluminescent three-letter government agencies…


I figured you’ll write that :laughing:
Problem is that both are vulnerable by that zero-day backdoors…

Can they really turn it off unless you reflash BIOS with PSP-killer firmware?

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That’s an excellent question. If they say they turned it off, how do you know they turned it off? :thinking:

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Infiltrate NSA for 5 years, check it yourself, then leave agency and never upgrade your PC again :rofl:

:male_detective: :sunglasses:

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Easier said than done. They already know me there…



Wasn’t this dude a massive “500 iq” conspiracy nut a couple years back?

The name and the voice ring a bell for some reason.

Or am I thinking of someone else entirely?

Does it matter? Is he wrong somehow?

Try to debunk the argument, not attack the person making it.


Not sure, probably…I’ve found him just couple of months ago :upside_down_face:
Pretty funny dude though :laughing:

And yeah, problem is - he’s absolutely not wrong here, obviously :frog:
CVE is CVE :woozy_face:

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I’m not. I don’t want to debunk something I agree with. People change anyway.

Just curious because he sounds familiar.

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Personally, I like his videos very much. But I try to evaluate each information based on its content and not whether I like the person who brought the news and whether I agree or disagree with him on other things.

Also, just because someone is a conspiracy theory nut, does not necessarily mean that there isn’t a real conspiracy.


All well and good man. Liking something is reason enough! :+1:

Just like everyone else here, I care about privacy more than an average person. If anything, I do love a bit of crazy talk myself. Anytime I’d mention why I use something other than the mainstream, I’m called a nut anyway.

Back on topic – Isn’t Intel ME removable? I’m only aware of most, if not all, Thinkpads being flashable to make it into a null partition, with the help of some tools.


That’s hard topic i wanted to raise…It technically is and not only for thinkpads even, but you need bios-flashing hardware etc
There are couple of tutorials on-line - not walk in the park.

I remember watching a stream on youtube of someone doing it on a Carbon X1 or a T480 or some other newer model, can’t recall exactly.

Doesn’t seem overly difficult assuming there would be a comprehensive tutorial of sorts. Just plenty of disclaimers and !!! since you’re sticking clips onto chips on the motherboard. I was gonna look into it, never got around to do so – that was quite a while ago. Probably should eh, quite an interesting project. :grimacing:

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they are two sort hardware

  • hardware intel sells to customers , so they have all sort of firmwares , bios , etc
  • hardware by other manufacturers based on intel , and we can’t know version part installed

as it come with bios , version you have should be lower than expected

that why there is coreboot & open core & so for avoid thes vulnerabilities

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:exclamation: For anyone coming across that - do NOT do this if you have even slightest doubt or not experienced - if not accurate you may brick your hardware.

I assume you mean 2nd link, again - not really a walk in a park :laughing:

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No, it was an older gentleman. Unsure what channel, I was binging random stuff about Linux as background noise, ended up having that stream in recommended. It was a more similar setup to the first link – though I’m skimming through both. He was also using a SBC, though it was probably just a desktop replacement for the purpose.

Not a walk in the park for sure, but given enough time and effort, it’s doable. Especially with someone holding your hand. Thank you for the links. :slight_smile:

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Or holding agency gun to your face :rofl:


It’s time for building CPUs of your own . Just don’t know how to :grimacing: :thinking:
Is there any CPU/GPU manufacturers other than Intel , AMD and NVIDIA ??

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In short: Worthy (comparable by performance and features) / Trustworthy - no.
There are few Chinese and Russian (extremely outdated) ones i’ve heard…but no thx :laughing:

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