Intel AX201 not working on.. anything

Hello, thanks for reading my topic today.

My laptop is a HP Elitebook with a Intel AX201 for the wifi driver and everytime I try to install a distro and use the live version my wifi doesnt even show up. Manjaro and Endeavor shows no wifi at all. And Linux mint says wifi is ‘unavailable’.

I have found countless topics about this on google:

This site says according to probes anything over 5.12 wont work.

Just googling ‘ax201 linux’ shows very recent threads from countless distros. Each with different solutions.

Some went to a older kernel, some changed settings, some had to use lan to download the latest kernel… most said to upgrade to 5.15 but I am already on 5.15 on here and was on Manjaro.

I havent used linux in years and being at this for hours trying to figure it out brings me back to the late 00s using debian.

Can you guys help me try to even get internet on my laptop, on any linux distro? Dont want to give up on linux already. Really wouldnt expect this in the 2020s I must admit.

Thanks for reading. Seems to be a helpful community here.
Also where can I download old versions of endeavor?

You can install 5.10 and see if that helps.

I tried a 5.10/12 of Mint and it wouldnt even boot up. Kept saying ‘stalled’. Ill just stick with Windows for now. Didnt want to try Linux again to have to do all this just to even get internet on my machine. Thanks though.

I’m not sure how that’s relevant to EndeavourOS?

But, if you’re happy to stick to Windows rather than try the first thing someone suggests then that’s fine.

Your WiFi should be using iwlwifi module. Does it show up in the hardware list?

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