Installing wps office

I am a newbie to Arch based systems so am struggling here. I want to install WPS Office. I am completely at a loss as to how to do this. Can someone please talk me through what exactly I need to do or steer me to a guide in very simple steps as to how i do this.

Go into a terminal and use the command:

yay -S wps-office

The terminal may ask you some question, which need to answer with yes.

The AUR package in this case is pretty popular and therefore probably safe to use. For other AUR packages, you need to be a bit more careful.

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Thank you. May I ask for future reference how I remove a package installed by yay and packman -S

Remove a package:

sudo pacman -R [package name] ##removes just the package only

sudo pacman -Rs [package name] ##removes the package and any dependencies

Think of yay as pacman, just that yay can also talk to the AUR, while pacman can not. But once a package is installed on your system, pacman can be used to remove it.

To remove wps office specifically, you can use either yay or pacman, either will do the same job, so it makes no difference which you prefer in regards to removing a package:

sudo pacman -R wps-office ##should suffice enough for uninstalling

sudo pacman -Rs wps-office ##if you want to remove any possible dependencies as well as the package. Both options are fine to use.

If you came from a different distro, the Arch wiki has a great breakdown of common commands from other distros that you might want to know the pacman version of:


Here are some resources:


You should use yay to remove packages from the AUR. So in this case use

yay -R wps-office

yay is handling this package and may not notice changes otherwise.

For package management:

For system maintenance:

For anything else:

and the forum’s search function:

And of course feel free to ask any questions.

Good luck and welcome to EnOS’ community!


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Once a package is installed on your system, from the repos or the AUR, pacman is more than capable of handling it and/or removing it as well. yay is just a wrapper for pacman anyways, it just lacks the AUR support. Perhaps this might be a bit of a misconception otherwise. In any case though, you can just use yay for everything and not have to think about it ever again :stuck_out_tongue:


I always thought yay/paru are managing the packages (besides installing it after compiling) and are having problems otherwise. Well, another thing learned every day.


Some very helpful advice here. Thank you everyone who replied. I’ll study the links etc.

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You can learn more about how yay works once you manually build and install an AUR package using makepkg. Try it once, it’s fun.


Here is a nice write-up by @Kresimir

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