Installing Wine-mono in prefix

Hi i need to install wine mono in a wine-prefix. I want to use Different SFX. I have it in my prefix in the right folder but if i use Lutris start exe in prefix it does not start. So i was starting it without Lutris and it begun installing Wne-mono after that it start but it does not find the Witcher3 exe or the settings. So i need to install winemono in the prefix.
I have tried installing it manually from here but the installer does not start. I have googled for the last hours but i can not find an solution for this.
Any tipps? ty

See 0. here it’s just stupid example, but should get you to understand how to.

Sorry but i really have no idea what i have to do. I have start wine-tricks several times with lutris for the prefix but i have not found wine mono for installing. I have created several times the prefix complete new with lutris but its always the same. In the .cache/wine folder i have 3 different wine mono versions.