Installing Spotify for the first time

This is how the install is failing

What should I do ?

take a look at the pinned comment at

-> curl -sS | gpg --import -

that should solve your issue.


Just one last question before I do that step.
Can importing that key compromise security in any way ?


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You’re importing a public key into your user’s keyring, so no.

If this doesn’t make sense then have a read of the Arch wiki page about the AUR:


Thanks guys. Enjoying music on Spotify as I type.

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Haha, now @jonathon was quicker then me (and he’s more knowledgeable anyways… :wink: ).

But you asked before acting because you were unsure - that’s a good thing! Especially when it comes to the AUR.



As someone who never used Spotify, I’m wondering… Is there any music on Spotify that is not available on YouTube?

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Google collect far more personal data about users than you might realize. The company records every search you perform and every YouTube video you watch.

Hehe, not when I use it :rofl:

I use youtube-dl through an invidious mirror, with Tor, when I want to be sneaky.

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Is there any music on Spotify that is not available on vinyl…all right, all right :zipper_mouth_face: :sweat_smile:

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Probably yes, since a lot of music, unfortunately, is not available on vinyl. :frowning:

No worries!
Rest of the music is available for playing live yourself :joy:

Alternative question - how much music is available on vinyl that is NOT on Spotify? I know I have a few albums…


following this:

will make automatic getting keys from inside yay working…

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