Installing Lutris

I was installing lutris in terminal when i was met up with this confirmation prompt . I’m confused what to choose. Can someone help me out ?

$ sudo pacman -S lutris
resolving dependencies…
:: There are 8 providers available for xdg-desktop-portal-impl:
:: Repository extra

  1. xdg-desktop-portal-dde 2) xdg-desktop-portal-gnome 3) xdg-desktop-portal-gtk
  2. xdg-desktop-portal-hyprland 5) xdg-desktop-portal-kde 6) xdg-desktop-portal-lxqt
  3. xdg-desktop-portal-wlr 8) xdg-desktop-portal-xapp

Enter a number (default=1):

Normally default is fine but what desktop environment are you using, KDE or Gnome or another?

I’m using xfce

PIck " xdg-desktop-portal-xapp" then.

OK thanks for the help . i was having one more doubt while i was scrolling through the forum i was met with a post mentioning xfce desktop environment is bad for gaming in general . Is it true?

Link- Problem running lutris - #25 by Hitman_Agent47

I don’t know, I haven’t used Xfce in a long time. What you can do is install a secondary desktop environment(such as KDE Plasma or Gnome) and then game in both of them so you can compare for yourself.

Ok I’ll try that .

Be sure to try it with different games so that you have good comparison, modern and older games.

This is actually for Cinnamon. They should have used the gtk one. But, it should be fine in the end.

I based what I recommended on the description of the package and because it had less dependencies than xdg-desktop-portal-gtk.

A backend implementation for xdg-desktop-portal using GTK and various pieces of Cinnamon/MATE/Xfce4 infrastructure

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XFCE is bad with its default compositor. If you use compiz with XFCE, or picom with XFCE, then you will have a fantastic gaming experience.

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