Installing Lutris and Wine Depencendies takes over File Associations

Hey All,

When I install Lutris and by extension wine on a clean installation of EOS, I noticed that if I try to open an image for example, it will open with wine browser, same with a text file and I have to usually fix this by right-clicking on files and associating that file type back with its program.

I noticed Fedora did not have this issue on Lutris before I moved to EOS full time. Does anyone have any ideas why this happens?

Yes, this is due to stupid wine auto-mime-associations triggered by creating prefix / installing / running any software in it.

Read on portable wineprefixes here, you’ll find some scripts examples to get a grip of how basic wine works

To avoid this:

  1. Delete those wine-specific entries from ~/.config/autostart and ~/.config/mimeapps.list and ~/.local/share/applications/ (i think? it was so long i don’t even remember :laughing:) and make sure you don’t have files associated with wine anymore.

  2. Basically to avoid this in future you’ll need to always run any wine / winetricks commands with that prefix:

    env WINEDLLOVERRIDES="winemenubuilder.exe=d" wine some_command
    env WINEDLLOVERRIDES="winemenubuilder.exe=d" winetricks some_command

Lutris itself shouldn’t create those as far as i remember, only wine / winetricks directly.

To make your apps default again, you can reinstall your applications.

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I think that just removing wine associations should bring it back