Installing KDE how it's possible?

Hello to everyone, i don’t understand how i can install cinnamon KDE and so on … when i use the iso that give me only xfce :frowning:

You can read about it over here

First of all install as usual, Then remove Xfce following these instructions.

Then you are left with a base install, and are free to chose what you wich. I don’t know if Cinnamon KDE has its own DE, so others might help you there.

Ordinary KDE is however

sudo pacman -S plasma [full install]


sudo pacman -S plasma-meta [less clutter]


sudo pacman -S plasma-desktop [minimal install, then chose what you want installed]

I would recomend full istall if you’re new to this, and minimal if you are well aware of what you’re doing.


anyway or i install by myself the desktop enviroment or i’ll wait the online installer and i can choose it directly ?

Well, waiting would be the easiest option. :wink:

Following the above instructions after you reverted to base install, is pretty easy if you are eager to get started.

thank you all for the answer and for help me using your time… i will wait the online installer and test xfce for now … it’s a very good job

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Ok, have a good time, and welcome to the forum. :hugs:

You can try installing plasma, can be a good learning experience to you. And if doesn’t work xfce4 will still be there wainting for you. No need to reinstall the entire system just to change the DE.

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So sudo pacman -Syu plasma is not hard to do, in fact like everything Arch its pretty simple to do.
just give it a go. :smile: