I wanna switch to Endeavour OS

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Earlier this year I gave gaming on Linux a shot, since I would cut Windows out of my life as much as possible if I could. It went ok through Proton utilization through Steam, but not without its quirks to troubleshoot. But it seemed like every couple months or so something would break, and I’d have to spend time fixing it. Conversely in Windows, usually the only time I’m using my gaming PC not to play games is to somewhat passively install updates for Windows, video card drivers, etc. which doesn’t take long with the nicer hardware resources of a gaming PC.

So I settled for having an SSD with Windows in my gaming PC along with an SSD running Linux, only booting into Windows when I want to game, and Linux for everything else. Grub defaults into Linux since that’s a daily thing for me while gaming is around once every week or two typically.

Later this year I’m planning to build a new gaming PC (current one is a few years old, and will remain my main Linux PC) which will have Windows on the main SSD and Lakka (an emulated gaming focused Linux distro) on a secondary SSD.

FWIW, I multiboot several Linux distros and Windows 10 off one drive. Can be a bother if a Ubuntu distro updates the kernel and resets grub.

The instructions (from this site) to install KDE Plasma are easy to follow and work well.

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Thank you, I’ve used Arch based distros before, specifically Manjaro and Antergos. I probably won’t have much trouble finding my way :slight_smile:

My experience reinforces this statement.

I just installed the KDE flavor EndeavourOS following the instructions at:
Installing KDE how it’s possible?
My goodness, how in the world do you remove XFCE?
Coming from Manjaro I had /, /home, and swap partitions already. I reformated the / partition and left both /home and swap alone. After installing EOS I spent a day customizing it and installing software that I use. The end result? It’s now my daily desktop system. My laptop is still running Manjaro XFCE and I plan on leaving it as is for a while.

It works the same as in Arch, since we’re using the Arch repo. We don’t have modified packages for apps and packages in the Arch repo.


I would’ve suspected it’d be as such, since Endeavour’s repos are pretty slim with just essentials.

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I don’t want to sound like a bad person but I just want to say the truth how it was in my case so I’m gonna say it all cuz it’s free.

I was waiting for endeavour os (I was using antergos before then manjaro but I don’t really like manjaro because their updates are delayed by purpose ) but since there was no kde iso (yeah I know I can remove all the xfce stuff by myself but why the hassle if not needed)

yesterday I’ve installed normal arch with aui script but i don’t have a clue why sometimes my system was freezing without any demanding task so again I’ve searched for active distros on wiki page of arch - haven’t found anything but by accident as a suggestion on sourceforge (bluestar linux had an issue with completing installation because repo is located on sourceforge and 1 file was missing so I couldn’t do it)

btw everytime I’m using the same txt file - list of apps I’m using and I’m installing them after install of os but I just suspect that I’ve chosen something bad in aui script that’s why the problem

and I’ve found by accident today working kde iso of arch based almost same project like endeavour os tries to be - namiblinux dot org

I know all can be done with endeavour os but when time plays a role - fast to install kde iso - yeah that’s why I wrote that for people like me who just want to have fast installer of arch kde

As in a few weeks the devs will release Endeavour with the online installer, then come back
and test it.


Hope to see you back. I too have tried Namib back when they only had one desktop.

I will try endeavour for sure when it will be possible to install kde straight from the installer ;]


you can do it from the github

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btw I couldn’t resist so I’ve checked




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so if I edit

then remove


then add kde stuff and rebuild I should be fine right?

me, I added matte and matte-extra. Then I deleted xfce after installation

I think @jr29 means mate…
I might give it a try; I have a low boredom threashold :crazy_face:
I tried KDE on manjaro, I quite liked the modern and snappy feel to it but man that toolbar was a PITA to configure and it never felt intuitive to me…lock, unlock, notifications all the time that I just modified the toolbar :upside_down_face:

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build the ISO with KDE will may work, but is way to much work only for installing kde by default… we already have the online installer almost working…



yeah, I was asking because I wanted to know does changing only packages file will work
or there is something more that has to be done to make it work

but if you’re saying you’re almost done then it’s not worth to check by myself and waste time (if something goes wrong and there is still something more to fine tune to make it work)

so I’ll just wait for online iso

It’s tomorrow omggggggggggg so excited

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nice, especially if you take into account that my kdeconnect works with arch for a long long time now and it is an open source project

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AUR seems to have the latest available Discord version (0.0.9) for linux.
About the sound issue, does sound fail only with Discord?

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