Installing EndeavourOS Cassini on a PineBook Pro


I seem to understand that EndeavourOS now officially supports the PineBook Pro.

I’m kind of familiar with installing an Arch Arm distribution on an external device for the PineBook Pro ( Still, I don’t understand the procedure for installing EndeavourOS on a PineBook Pro.

I found this that, in the end, refers to this other page and I don’t understand whether some of these pages are stale or not.

In particular, the page mentions “Boot the installer in ms-dos/MBR mode, not UEFI otherwise”; so this must be done on a standard PC? Not PineBook Pro? That page also says

The hardware described over here is untested by us but should work in theory. The instructions are coming from the Archlinux ARM wiki, we just placed it over here for your convenience.

Thanks in advance

This is the old method.
New method is here:

The method is same as the other arm devices we support i.e. odroid and raspberry pi

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I look forward to trying that and providing feedback! :slight_smile: