Installing an encrypted system


I have been trying to install EndeavorOS on a laptop in a secure way for several days.

I partitioned my hard disk as follows:

  • a 1 GB partition for the boot (efi) formatted in fatt 32
  • a second partition for the root in ext4, encrypted.

The installation is going perfectly well.

On startup, everything is also fine and the system asks me for my encryption password.

And that’s where it blocks because the system does not recognize my password.

Je n’ai pourtant mis que des chiffres pour éviter le problème du clavier US du boot.

Merci d’avance pour votre aide.


So what’s your question?
How to?

Ok since there’s more info now…Are you sure you’ve entered both passwords correclty / with same input language?

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Could the problem be the type of keyboard? In US keyboard, is the numeric keypad locked in numeric mode at startup or do you have to lock it yourself?
I have a french keyboard.

It is ok.
Thé problème comme from keyboard.

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@Patrick_F , Are you on systemd-boot?
If not, look at post 8 ici
Edit: I’ve checked it. Works.
The only difference that when you switched to systemd-boot (at worst case) and you are not asked
for crypto passkey these two commands are needed:

sudo cryptsetup luksRemoveKey /dev/sdxy /crypto_keyfile.bin 
sudo rm /crypto_keyfile.bin

It’s needless to say 0 is next to 9 with you.

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