Installer speaks about esp tag, which is not available

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On creating an installation scheme, that is without esp flag on a fat 32 with boot/efi mount, I see an info box, that shows me that this will not boot on UEFI systems.

Going back, the installer offers no esp flag.

Although, I see a “boot” flag, which is what you mean, I guess.

So I suggest adjusting this box, which is likely originally created by another distribution and their implementation potentially uses esp as tag, I dont know. :slight_smile: shrug

The only time I saw that little box, the installer was not in UEFI mode - because the computer was not in UEFI mode. Ensure your BIOS has a few important settings right - Secure boot off, CSM (Compatability mode) off, and UEFI on - the details differ from system to system, but that’s the idea! If you continue as is, it will try to setup grub to do an MBR boot -which is NOT usually what’s wanted!

If the installer is in UEFI mode, you can assign a mount point of /boot/efi to the FAT partition for booting from.

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If you read again what I write, you see that I report the text in the info box, which does not say the same thing as the partitioning tool in Calamares.

I do not seek for help, I report a bug. :slight_smile:

This is not a bug, but the way Calamares handles this, you can read about it on our wiki:

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esp and boot flags are merged to one flag called boot. May the message is still not changed upstream because some distro is still using older version of related software :wink:

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Yeah, while I guess it is possible to patch our version, so it is consistent?

next release will be fixed then…


Thanks a lot ^-^

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