Installation Roadblock and Uncertainties

I started following SvenKiljan’s PBP install guide, and was able to successfully zero and partition the micro SD card.

However, I have some uncertainties moving into the next steps. I was able to create and mount the FAT filesystem, however when I try to create and mount the ext4 file system it says “The file /dev/mmcblk0p2 does not exist and no size was specified.”

When I check the partitions on my micro SD card using fdisk it shows both partitions were created and the Linux file partition is called “mmcblk0p2”.

Am I misunderstanding something, where did I go wrong? What size was I supposed to specify? I didn’t see mention of that in the instructions.

Any help is much appreciated! Thank you!

Welcome to the EndeavourOS forum. I hope you enjoy your time here.

The easiest way to install EndeavourOS on a PineBook Pro is as follows:
Go to this website and download the EndeavourOS_Artemis_neo_22_8.iso
scroll down to the list of mirrors and choose one close to you.

This is the x86_64 liveISO that contains the Calamares installer. Burn this ISO to a USB thumb drive. On a x86_64 computer, boot into the liveISO using F11 or whatever your system requires.

You will get a welcome screen. Click on the “EndeavourOS ARM Image Installer” button.
Read the info in the next window, then click on the “Start ARM Installer” button.

Answer the questions in the script. It will take care of all the questions you had above, plus some.

I recommend installing to the PHP using this method, then later if you want to do a more hands on installation to better learn how the PHP works you will have some experience to fall back on.

If you run into problems, feel free to ask here.


I haven’t pushed the pinebook code to main branch yet. The ISO way won’t work.

@sradjoker so the method mentioned above by @Pudge wont be viable?

My bad, I thought it was ready to go.

Then nixyhustle will have to do a git clone of the image installer?


This method will work. You have to clone this branch of our images repo and run the script on any arch based system

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Then nixyhustle should use Method Two in the description.


@sradjoker thank you, I will try that next. Big thanks to both you and @Pudge for the quick responses and possible solutions.

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Sorry for the mix up between myself and sradjoker.

Please give us some user feedback on your experience with EnOS and PHP.


Will do!

@sradjoker I followed the instructions on method 2 and all went well cloning. Once I get to running the executable and I close Thunar and all apps, the first question asks me to chose if I’m installing on Raspberry Pi or Odroid. Which would be best to choose since I am installing for PineBook Pro??

Did you clone the correct branch? if you are using pine-eos branch the pinebook option will be there

It says pine-eos in the branch tab on the top left of the git page, and followed the instructions. Maybe I made an error somehow, I will try and format the MicroSD and try again.

@nixyhustle assuming you are running git clone to copy the repo. You should then cd into the folder the repository was cloned to and run git status to see if it says you are on the master branch. You might need to run git switch pine-eos to use the pinebook branch. Do this before you run scripts/build things from the repo.


after you do a git clone, inside the folder do

git checkout pine-eos

thanks @sradjoker and @MrToddarama , that was the issue. I needed to run the git checkout pine-eos command.



@MrToddarama already covered the pine-os branch and his explanation was better than mine

Thanks MrToddarama


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Seems to have finished successfully, however I am having trouble unmounting the microSD. Tried both umount command in terminal, and thunars GUI and get an error and cannot unmount. Not sure what I am missing once again…

I seem to still be in the root of the microSD and not sure what command will get me out. Im thinking that is the reason it wont let me eject.

When I am in that situation, I just power down the computer from the Desktop Environment’s commands. During power down, the OS should sync then properly unmount the partitions.

Remove the micro SD and put it into the PHP.

Some users will say that is improper, but that’s my solution.