Installation from USB stick is stuck in libxfce4ui-warning ICE I/O error loop

So I’m installing EndeavourOS on my PC. I downloaded the image file EndeavourOS_Apollo_22_1.iso, verified its integrity using SHA512sum, created bootable USB stick using Balena Etcher. I choose priority to boot from USB,
there were 3 options:

  1. USB: Mass Storage Device 1.00,
  2. UEFI: Mass Storage Device 1.00,
  3. UEFI: Mass Storage Device 1.00, Partition 2

I chose option 1.

then default 64 bit install, and then I’m stuck in an a loop…

I was able to capture part of the output:

could not resolve keysum XF86…
top.DBus.Error.Spawn.ChildExited: Process org.freedesktop.systemd1 exited with status 1
gpg-agent: a gpg-agent is already running
libxfce4ui-warning ICE I/O error
failed to connect to session manager: failed to connect to the session manager: IO error occured opening connection
waiting for X server to shutdown (II) server terminated successfully (0). closing log file.umped) dbus-launch xfce4-sessioninit: connec…
closing log file.m session manager./home/liveuser/.xinitrc: line 2: 6572 Segmentation fault
(core dumped) dbus-launch xfce4-sessioninit: con…

Any ideas how to fix this?

PS. I’m back in BIOS setting. What should I do to avoid the above error during the next attempt to install?

I found this link

it turns out balena etcher, or other bootable usb writers are not recommended. Well, ok…

The easiest way is to use ventoy, then you can keep multiple iso images on the USB stick to play with.

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Thanks for this useful bit of info.
I totally agree with you.

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