Install Cuda 11.4

So after i downgraded my nvidia drivers to 470 using jonathon lts repo i’m wondering how can i install cuda version 11.4 since pacman -S cuda provides version 11.6 which is not compatible with my driver


Please have a look at:

It’s in aur, not sure about 11.4 specifically, but:

yay cuda-11
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cuda 11.4 is already in Arch’s package archive and can be installed with

# pacman -U <URL>

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i did that but now everytime i want to update the system cuda wants to jump to 11.6 version

You could edit your /etc/pacman.conf and add cuda to IgnorePkg line.

IgnorePkg = cuda

However I am not sure of the implication of such an approach in the long run since you will be missing out on updates to this package. Hopefully more advanced users can comment on that.

I’d go with the one from the AUR.

i want to stay with nvidia drivers 470 so i’m limited to have cuda 11.4

Yes, the one @keybreak mentioned.

The only way to hold a package at a static spot is to have pacman ignore it.

The flip side, if anything requires that package to be at something other than that specific package, it can cause issues. So if something requires it to be 11.5 you’ll have a problem. If cuda 11.4 requires a package and that gets updated, cuda could also break.

By holding packages you are likely going to have a bad time, and no one will likely be able to help you as Arch doesn’t in any way support partial updates.

Exactly. That’s why I recommend the version from the AUR, it has its own dependencies and if anything is broken with upcoming updates, it is up to the package maintainer to provide a fix.

While one can sometimes get away with a partial update in the short run, it is never a good idea to rely on it.