India bans encrypted messaging

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I am not much sure nor having any confidence regarding the Banner which is shown in VIdeo’s thumbnail. Because this news has not made any appearance in multiple newspapers which I use.
I am also using Signal, Tutanota Mail App, etc…

Though, Government did banned some “instant messaging apps” around 1 month ago, but that was done only in 1 Indian State, which is vulnerable against terrorist attacks from 2 countries( you know which countries I mean :smile: :wink: ! )

And those apps were :

Crypviser, Enigma, Safeswiss, Wickrme, Mediafire, Briar, BChat, Nandbox, Conion, IMO, Element, Second Line, Zangi, and Threema.

For first time I heard these names, barring element ( assuming it is ) and MediaFire…

But that’s not the full news, which was shown in the video. As the newspaper source they took; The Indian Express, is the newspaper which we read in paperback edition.
The other part of this news is :

The apps were being used by terrorists to communicate with their supporters and on-ground workers, and intelligence agencies have been keeping track of these channels. The agency tried contacting the respective app developers. However, the lack of Indian representatives and offices caused the government to ban.
So far, most of the applications are still available on Google Play Store. However, Android and iOS users are advised not to download these apps.

Basically those platforms might be missing something like this :

Will reach you out if I find something new information related to this !


Well, knowing how it works in China / Russia main problem is not installing FOSS / Encrypted program (nobody can ban this), but cop that will search your phone if he doesn’t like you.

This leads to all kinds of corruption and abuse at best, and jail-time at worst…
So keep using this programs, just keep in mind to hide them well, to be on a safe side :wink:

However, according to my experiences via interactions with people of various states ( as my village is around 1000 KM away from here, so I need to talk with people of other states in between) , if you ask anyone about these platforms, then you will not find that common masses are using it, though those who play games on PC might know about mediafire !

Majority of people still use WhatsApp and in huge numbers( :cry: :cry: :cry: ), though Government’s action on their privacy policy caused the surge in usage of Signal and few other platforms.

You won't believe that, in my mom's WhatsApp, there was message from the terrorist state regarding how to reach and contact them..

Basically there are no troubles in using those platforms as of now, except the condition that we are living in vulnerable areas, and are “entirely” dependent upon these apps only to reach out our loved ones !!

Oh i would…WhatsApp is a garbage cesspool, i wish people would stop using it and would use something like Session, Signal, Matrix. to speak exclusively only with people you actually want to speak, and not some spambots or government agents posing as terrorist, let alone real ones… :rofl:

There is quite nice surge in usage of this platform, as there are good number of people who know about this app.


Government banned Tik-Tok before it plagued the people.

In college, Me and my friend both asked few classmates about why they don’t switch to Signal and/or go towards FOSS.
For this they told that WhatsApp provides interesting features like Status and other bogus features !
Whereas Signal lacks these “basic” features.
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And for Linux, they told Linux cannot be used if we don’t know Terminal ( seriously !! )

I guess this might be the case in your world as well…