Image not loading "About this system"

Hi everyone, after a long hiatus, I’m back to Arch.

I have a problem, there are two images that aren’t loading in “About this system”.
How can I fix this? thanks in advance.

Testing in VM, all is up to date.

Not sure why it’s missing but here is how you can set a logo (unsure if the process has changed since the update to 6)

I’ll take a look later.

In fact, I don’t see any icons in the “Systems Settings” that’s strange.

This is a bit odd, I came across a few answers to this when I was searching for an answer to this but most of them where pretty old heres one result from the Manjaro forum that seems similar

My trusted EndeavourOS installer stick failed 3 times with a pacman error (gave me time to donate a few bucks) but yes…this was not accurately displaying what I had been downloading even after I did the offline install. Well.

Edit: I’m hyperactive in thsi forum now but well…imho KDE and Qt6.5+ are going a bit over open source or stable Arch heads. So there’s like a hippie website for the plasma crew, try there?

I’m just GTKing the bitch everywhere and well…I think it’s an evenly awesome window manager. There’s this one PC I started few days ago to try and get a Meta VR going but…I don’t think it’s worth it. I will be pedally disassembling it to facilitate the consequent ritual burning.