I'm trying to install EnOS in a VBOX VM

But after a while i can’t drag any windows on the desktop and only the mouse moves. It seems to hang. I’m using online installer. I’ll try updating the mirrors.

There seem to be hardcore problems with latest VirtualBox release

To me it seem to happen only on Windoze guests, but i wouldn’t be surprised if Linux can also be affected under some circumstances or hardware configs…

Right now I’m unfortunately using a Windoze host. Windwoes guests work fine. If it’s relevant im running the EnOS VM with EFI mode enabled. Edit: Oh, oh. Adding mirrors seems to work. Edit 2: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! It hung again! Edit 3: The window closed while i wasn’t looking. Weird

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VirtualBox does not fully support linux kernels of age 5.17+, as of yet. The 5.17 kernel support is reported as “experimental” by Oracle. You can google that up.

Oh. I just switched to BIOS mode, so far better results. The installer box likes to close when I’m not there and i can tell it didn’t reboot since my additions to user_commands.bash didn’t go away.

what amount of RAM you give the machine? and do you enable 3d and set Graphic memory to maximum?

I do not have such issues with the ISO under Windows (11)

RAM: around 2GB

3D graphics is on
VRAM is 256 MB.

2GB is a bit small for VM usage… i recommend 4GB.

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The settings I normally give to a VM are 4gb RAM, VRAM 32mb to 128mb (depending on the desktop enviroment) and I also give 2 cores.

the problem is that the HOST only has 4GB ram. Also the installer window just closed in front of my eyes.
I’ve virtualized Windwoes with 2GB ram. I’ve also virtualized OSes in general on a weaker pc with 4GB RAM total and 2GB for the guest. I also gave 3 cores (system is a hexacore one)

I find “it” strange.

Why would you have to limit resources on a VM guest, and not put the guest’s limits to the max inside the VM-OS?

I am running VirtualBox on an older MacOS (10.13), on 10Yr+. old Mac hardware only. So, my guess is, as has been for all those years,

Windoze must be a true hardware-slow-down!

VBox itself prevents me from going over around 2GB.

so your host has less than 4 GB ?

I’d then consider turning to Linux on baremetal and backing up all that is needed from my Windows computer, before that.

Only an opinion, of course.

It has 4GB. I have Linux on real hardware, it’s just that i’m using my dad’s pc lol, he’d get mad if he saw a non Windows/macOS OS.

that could be the issue… i know from testing that online installs can get stuck as they do need to download all packages … if you would use offline installation this would not happen…

I know, but the problem is I have different VMs for different DEs.

So what hardware and OS are you running on now?

Same hardware lol

Windows 10 with 4GB Ram? Sorry, I cannot find more info from this thread… what else would be worth mentioning?