If you wanted to get NVME / SSD / HDD - time is now!

This is very important announcement!

If you wanted to buy SSD / HDD for sane price or at all in some near future time.

There is new crypto currency out there on the rise, called Chia which is created by same person who did bittorent protocol.

Problem for us mortals - it’s mined on hard drives.

What they need:

  1. Extremely fast SSDs, preferably nvme - but they won’t stop with usual SATA ones as well.
  2. High capacity HDDs, more = better, but again it won’t stop people from getting lower Tb ones as well.

For us it means:

  1. Prices going up x2 - x3
  2. Shortages of drives (at least best ones for sure)

Expect same situation as it was with GPUs, and be ready while you can.

Yesterday i was monitoring drives, and seen locally some models of WD 6 - 10 Tb which i was interested in, today they all are already not available or x2 in price, only 4 Tb ones are still available.

So personally now i’m gonna get 4 Tb x 3 for myself, while i can :yum:

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So your saying cash all my savings into Chia urgently

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Well if you believe in it…I don’t.
I’d rather have drives to store data :laughing:

Can’t wait until there will be mining on RAM, motherboard’s north bridge or PSU directly…
Maybe on RGB lights. :christmas_tree:

Then we can’t buy PC :rofl:

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Crypto, pah! It is tulips you want :tulip: :tulip: :tulip: :tulip: :tulip: :tulip: :tulip: :tulip: :tulip: :tulip: :tulip: :tulip: :tulip: :tulip: :tulip: :tulip: :tulip:

I have a garden full of them, I will be rich beyond my wildest dreams.



I need to lie down :rofl:


Who uses crypto currencies? It’s all insane inventions which human mankind does not need at all.
The global financial bubble is already as fragile as it can be. Looking forward to the day it collapses. Might be some fun.


I hope everyone goes all in on crypto so I can get back to real estate.


You can combine both too :yum:

Thank god I’m broke…

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Have no use for ANY crypto! I agree @Trekkie00 nothing but get rich quick schemes on someone else’s money.

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Money isn’t real anymore anyway. At least here in the USA. Fractional reserve banking and massive inflation at its finest! Gold standard? Ha


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tm since 1973


Checked the prices in Thailand and they’ve edged up already.

Picked up a spare 8Tb for my array because even if it’s relatively short lived it would still be rather annoying to get caught out.

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I have the 256gb nvme that came with my thinkpad.

For sale for exceedingly high market value.

So computers slowly are becoming a viable retirement plan? By this rate my pc will be worth millions in two decades! Buy, buy, buy!

cryptocurrency is evil. it’s a faux 21st century gold rush


I don’t think gold has ever been worth $0. :thinking:

I like this interaction from https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=26933489:


Edit, tee hee:

So Bram has a tonne of Chia/XCH already. Nice.