If you had $1,000,000,000. what would you do?

systemd-boot? you can always boot from a live ISO and restore snapshots that way…

Not sure i can use it for multiboot with rEFInd either? Too frustrated right now. :pouting_cat:

I’d pay @dalto to close this thread :melting_face:



I’d pay you to be my minion xD

I’d throw away my phone and change my phone number and buy all of Jalisco for personal consumption. I would then buy myself a place in Chile along the ocean with a view of the Andes mountains still, and spend my days rotating between playing golf, fishing/kayaking and camping.

Obviously I’d have several cars to build/drive/enjoy.

And with whatever is left, I would find ways to invest the money so my dividends would go to help dogs. Big places where they can run and swim until they are adopted. Awesome shelters that aren’t just cages.

I’d spend every last penny on dogs before anything to help a single human.


I would buy EMI.

It’s a joke.


I will do many things, but…

I will not tell you !!
Why should I tell you ??

because that’s the point.

can happen… we will get pens for doing this on our notes soon :scream:

I’d invest it in grub. :rofl:

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1- I would donate 10% to charity. (100 M)
2- another 10% to EndeavourOS (100 M)
3- Buy a little jet (100 M)
4- A little helicopter (1 M)
5- Buy a little yacht (0.5 M)
6- Buy a Jeep Wrangler!
6- Learn to fly and sail them and get licensed. (a few 10s of thousands)
7- Invest 900 M in high dividend stocks.
(I am not miscalculating, I will buy the above on credit of course)

Well, I hope someone would be interested in donating to me so I can collect this 1B and do the above!

I would make investment’s and grow my money assuming it just fell in my lap. I’d be foolish not to.

great idea! but there’s always a risk in investing in a company as that company could have it stock value plummet.

investment isnt just stocks :stuck_out_tongue: and you dont do it blindly

Yeah I get that there are other aspects but I figured stocks are the most well known :slight_smile: