I3wm for EOS net-install - lets do it together!

:rofl: idd :blush:

May I suggest that i3-gaps be used and gaps set to 0 as a compromise? Also I have found that xidlehook + blurlock makes a great combo. Xidlehook will disable blurlock if audio is active or an app is running fullscreen video.

You can install and load xfce-panel along with i3, i use it here, very handy
exec --no-startup-id xfce4-panel --disable-wm-check &


There is also a dmenu theme for rofi that works far better than dmenu as it is aware of snaps and flatpaks.

rofi -show drun -theme dmenu -show-icons


Thank you :pray:

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ready for testing:

simple follow the README.md from a xfce4 install will work others may also but better test in a vm xfce4 offline or netinstall.

  1. git clone https://github.com/endeavouros-team/i3-EndeavourOS.git

  2. cd i3-EndeavourOS

  3. cp -R .config/* ~/.config/

  4. chmod -R +x ~/.config/i3/scripts (make scripts executable)

  5. cp .Xresources ~/ (needed colorcheme for menu)

  6. sudo pacman -S --needed - < packages-repository.txt

  7. logout and choose i3 to login again


I’ll have a go at this tonight after work. Thank You @joekamprad.

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For me it works well, I also don’t install many cosmetic chips, I like to use the WM almost as default (less problems …)


Works on net install XFCE metal.


but both not starting filesystem-manager and Browser per default? i do see only Terminal Tab there should be 3:

If you do, they start with the 3 rows and as they are used, they disappear, then with dmenu or rofi they are back.

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Okay…i also have installed it. Now how do i use it? What are all the key configs?

How do you get that background on i3 and bring up screenfetch. Then you did a screenshot?


Background use ‘nitrogen’
For screenshot press print on keyboard.

Okay i will read if i have to… :weary:

Here is a cheat sheet
When I first used i3 I used this as my background! Easy to access.

Here is a topic with some tips and tricks



I was just wondering if it was set up with defaults or was custom? Because if it’s custom how would i know?

Edit: Okay i scrolled further down on the page and now i see the other info. Too many windows open here.

Thanks Pudge. I hope to get some time to look at it this weekend and play around with it to become more familiar.

If i split the screen in the terminal how can i open firefox or any other app in that window? If i open firefox it opens on it’s own in a full screen. If you have an app open can you split the screen from there?

This was how I learned how to use i3
Making it pretty took some more searching but this page has all the basics covered. Also, the man page was helpful.