I3wm for EOS net-install - lets do it together!

Personal opinion offcourse i would choose for a basic i3wm. basicly most from repo.

eyecandy is nice, but personal is just how to configure in function introductions that people can help go intoo i3wm, with a good base that works. i think for now to start from a base for the net-installer. From there evolve to a higher level since net-install relative is young.


Here is a thread with a few tips & tricks. Nothing fancy, but may be useful

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Yay, that’s cool. Got a TP E460 with fingerprint sensor (and a X220 but without sensor).
Gonna try that asap. :slight_smile:

i3blocks do not ship scripts anymore… so i do some changes…

all updated:

and some tutorial added

I found the following site:
And played a bit with the 3 colours from the EOS-Logo. (I hope the colorpicker got the right codes.)


# class                 border  bground text    indicator child_border
client.focused          #7F7FFF #7F3FBF #FFFFFF #2E9EF4   #285577
client.focused_inactive #333333 #5F676A #FFFFFF #484E50   #5F676A
client.unfocused        #333333 #222222 #888888 #292D2E   #222222
client.urgent           #2F343A #FF7F7F #FFFFFF #FF7F7F   #FF7F7F
client.placeholder      #000000 #0C0C0C #FFFFFF #000000   #0C0C0C

client.background       #FFFFFF

bar {
  colors {
    background #000000
    statusline #FFFFFF
    separator  #666666

    focused_workspace  #7F7FFF #7F3FBF #FFFFFF
    active_workspace   #333333 #222222 #FFFFFF
    inactive_workspace #333333 #222222 #888888
    urgent_workspace   #2F343A #FF7F7F #FFFFFF
    binding_mode       #2F343A #FF7F7F #FFFFFF

bindsym $mod+d exec "dmenu_run -nf '#BBBBBB' -nb '#222222' -sb '#7f3fbf' -sf '#EEEEEE' -fn 'monospace-10' -p 'dmenu prompt >'"


general {
  output_format = "i3bar"
  colors = true
  color_good = "#7FDA28"
  color_degraded = "#FFCB4B"
  color_bad = "#FF5F63"

I just copy’n’pasted it as it comes out of the editor and I know there’s room for optimisation. It’s just a first try to get some colorscheme.

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One thing community also needs to choose is which packages wants, like terminal, file manager and text editor.
I3-wm doesn’t come with any of them, so deciding on having the same than xfce4 or adopt a more minimalistic approach etc. It’s your choice!

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So true, but I think we have to find that sweetspot between usability out-of-the-box and people’s choice. Definately @ringo list of software is way too large, and should be shrunk to absolute minimum (I’m talking about the list in GitHub repo).
Best would be first-run script asking user for his software of choice and suggesting community choice for those who don’t have their favourite programs yet, and then after making choices install them so the system won’t be bloated by default.

yes this side should be added to wili page we need to create to share helpfull tutotial and links for i3

I would prefer the minmal approach. =) Here are just some suggestions for a few apps/packages:

  • Terminal: urxvt or termite
  • Browser: Firefox or Vivaldi
  • Filemanager: PCmanFM
  • Editor: Leafpad
  • Appstarter: dmenu and/or Rofi
  • Sound/Audio: pavucontrol
  • Notifications (if wanted): Dunst
  • Themes: lxappearance
  • Wallpaper: feh (newer package) or nitrogen (less dependencies)
  • Conky (for the cheat-sheet)?

@joekamprad A wiki-page would be great. :+1:


I do agree with this list.
Only no Vivaldi as we ship Firefox and Vivaldi is not at the repo.

I prefer Firefox but there are a lot users who like a chromium-based option. At least it feels this way. Just wanted to give an alternative. :smiley:

firefox is good :slight_smile: Pros & Cons for termite : Use jpg endeavouros logo with neofetch :slight_smile:

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Hi, guys.

I use Antergos on my home PCs… I started migrating all of them to EOS.

But I still have Antergos on my work laptop since I want to test EOS first.

I use i3gaps for my daily work tasks, and I’m interested on EOS-i3. I’d like to try it and to collaborate with the project.

Software I think must be included in EOS-i3 (mainly for work):

  • i3gaps + polybar
  • Appstarter: dmenu
  • Screenlocker: xautolock + i3lock
  • Terminal: termite + zsh + ohmyzsh + POWERLEVEL9K
  • Browser: Firefox
  • Filemanager: PCmanFM
  • Editor: vim

Thanks and let me know how I can help with this project.


The goal is to have a minimal working setup, without using AUR package builds…
I would like to have a nice configurable terminal, but taking care of minimal dependency here too.


I am a Vivaldi user too, using herecura Repo.
Default Browser will be Firefox, it is the only non chromium option.
And as always it is easy to install your Browser of choice. And also something we could have a wiki page for.


@joekamprad, I understand what you are saying… and I agree with a minimal, no-AUR setup… I think that in any case, the people who will install i3 as a WM it’s also capable of set up the other stuff…

Maybe we can add in the wiki something like “things to do after the install” or “beautify your EOS-i3 if you want” with ideas or recommendations.


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like a Tips and Tricks tutorial !

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# Lock the system
bindsym $mod+l exec i3lock -i ~/.config/i3/i3-lock-screen.png -t -f
community/i3lock 2.12-1 (21.9 KiB 95.0 KiB) [i3] (Installed)
    Improved screenlocker based upon XCB and PAM

i3lock is simple and working :wink: but there are a lot other options:

aur/i3lock-script (+0 0.00%) 
    Fork of i3lock-git, that allows to execute a script if authentication fails
aur/simplelock r3.bc8f7c3-1 (+0 0.00%) 
    Fast and simple wrapper over i3lock with multiple modes. Supports xkcd and unsplash
aur/i3lock-popoffka-git 353dd3-1 (+0 0.00%) 
    An improved screenlocker based upon XCB and PAM (Popoffka fork)
aur/i3lock-blur 2.10-3 (+0 0.00%) 
    An improved screenlocker based upon XCB and PAM with background blurring filter
aur/i3lock-fancy-rapid-git r13.80467db-1 (+0 0.00%) 
    A faster implementation of i3lock-fancy
aur/i3lock-cri 2.11.1.cri-3 (+0 0.00%) 
    An improved screenlocker based upon XCB and PAM - cri's version
aur/betterlockscreen-noeffects 4.0.0-4 (+0 0.00%) 
    A simple lock script for i3lock-color
aur/i3lock-s3lph-git r317.50d1174-1 (+0 0.00%) 
    An improved screenlocker based upon XCB and PAM (s3lph fork)
aur/i3lockmore-git r14.2cfed53-1 (+0 0.00%) 
    A wrapper for i3lock that adds additional functionality
aur/i3lock-fancier-git 84aa35006f1cab8eb15f992c1b68dd41cbaab99b-3 (+0 0.00%) (Out-of-date 2019-05-26) 
    i3lock fork that adds keyboard layout indicator
aur/corrupter-bin 1.0-1 (+1 0.33%) 
    Simple image glitcher for producing nice i3lock backgrounds - Binary version
aur/i3lock-cac03-git 2bfcb7-2 (+1 0.00%) 
    An improved screenlocker based upon XCB and PAM (cac03 fork) with clock, layout indicator, CAPS indicator
aur/mantablockscreen 0.3-1 (+1 0.02%) 
    Another i3lock-color wrapper that mantab
aur/i3lock-next-git r69.c7634f4-1 (+1 0.00%) 
    Create a fancy image to use with i3lock.
aur/i3lock-spy 2.4.4-3 (+3 0.00%) 
    A screenlocker with intruder detection designed for JustBrowsing
aur/corrupter-git r28.0ddcd9b-1 (+4 1.38%) 
    Simple image glitcher suitable for producing nice looking i3lock backgrounds
aur/betterlockscreen-git r98.d877b69-2 (+5 0.00%) 
    A simple lock script for i3lock-color
aur/i3lock-fancy-dualmonitors-git r89.9539878-2 (+11 0.02%) 
    i3lock-color script: blurs background, adds lock icon and text with multihead support.
aur/betterlockscreen 3.0.1-4 (+21 1.53%) 
    A simple lock script for i3lock-color
aur/i3lock-color-git r506.5bbdd02-1 (+31 0.46%) 
    An improved screenlocker based upon XCB and PAM with color configuration support
aur/i3lock-fancy-git r161.7217cb5-1 (+46 1.16%) 
    i3lock-color script: blurs background, adds lock icon and text, offers dark/light background detection.
aur/i3lock-git 2.12.r0.gabe1e3c-1 (+57 0.02%) 
    An improved screenlocker based upon XCB and PAM
community/i3lock-color 2.12.c-1 (41.1 KiB 148.0 KiB) 
    improved screenlocker with color configuration support

And so on and so on so giving a working simple solution is the way to go, if you will use something like i3 you need to get into the configs and need to tinker on it.

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