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A few weeks ago after I updated my system, my default file picker changed from nemo (my default file manager) to a different and very (VERY) buggy file picker… My friend said it’s the GTK file picking dialogue and directed me to but I have no idea how to apply this from kde to i3

Could someone please help me switch to (literally any other) file picker?



If by file picker you mean file manager the default has never been nemo on EndeavourOS i3 as far as I can remember and this goes all the way back to here:
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The default file manager is thunar. What issues are you having exactly?

If I want to save a file from my browser (vivaldi), or choose a file from any app it opens up that file picker in the image, it was always either nemo (I made that my default) or thunar, but after an update a few weeks ago it changed to that gtk picker (and it’s very buggy, almost unusable)

It seems like it’s not possible to do what you want

iirc Qt uses the gtk chooser if your set the platform theme. Most notably those are not file browsers or external processes and therefore you cannot use a different filebrowser.

But you can make it looks uniform across different applications.

In order to have the same file dialog, one can use XDG Portals.
Install xdg-desktop-portal and xdg-desktop-portal-kde and set GTK_USE_PORTAL=1 environment variable in /etc/environment.
Note that currently not all gtk applications support kde file dialogs correctly. For example, Thunderbird supports it normally.

The link in your post mentions this AUR package, but it also says that it only changes appearance and don’t fix the slowness…

Aw damn :confused:
Since it mainly fixes appearance it will probably not fix the bugs (which is my biggest issue)… Thank you for all your help tho :’)

I just resolved this after much, much googling:

the bug is in xdg-desktop-portal-gnome. I did a pacman -Q | grep xdg-desktop-portal and found 3 packages installed:


I uninstalled xdg-desktop-gnome and restarted the xdg-desktop-portal user service:

systemctl --user restart xdg-desktop-portal

I closed and restarted Vivaldi. I now have a functional save dialog.

Please give it a try and confirm.




Thank you! So, so, so, so very much!! This was truly the worst thing of i3, and now it’s fixed! Thank you again!


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