I3 rofi default theme question

Does anyone know where the default theme for rofi is being pulled from? I want to adjust the color and transparency values.


Just run this: find ./ -iname "*.rasi" to see where its stored.
The command should be find / -iname "*.rasi"

Edit: More info, just in case needed:

On my system, the default theme for rofi was “Arc by Sergio Morales”

Themes can be previewed with command rofi-theme-selector

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Hi @flyingcakes

I know where the .rasi files are located. It is just that none of them are the default. I swear I came across it last night I just can’t remember where. I remember a line that basically said color @arc-dark.rasi. I will have a look at “Arc by Sergio Morales”.rasi.

Could please you post a screenshot how your rofi currently looks like?

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Easier said then done :grinning: any keystroke will close rofi.

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Arc dark is an official theme in rofi. https://github.com/davatorium/rofi-themes/blob/master/Official%20Themes/Arc-Dark.rasi

Under rofi-theme-selector there is one theme called “Arc dark by leofa”.

Maybe thats the one.

The first few lines from the Github link I posted


  • ROFI Color theme
  • User: leofa
  • Copyright: 2017 leofa

So “Arc Dark by leofa” should be the one you need to modify.

Set a timer


And you get the screenshot :wink:

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If I’m not mistaken then this is the default theme that comes with EnOS theming of i3wm.

See line 137 here: https://github.com/endeavouros-team/i3-EndeavourOS/blob/master/.config/i3/config#L317

Just confirm once if this is the one you’re using on your system

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Yes that is what I have in i3 config.

That one is based off the theme called “android_notification by Rasi”
(I deduced by applying each theme and comparing with your screenshot)

My head is a mess and I gotta go to a doctor to check if I’m color blind.

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You have to be :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: kidding me… :man_facepalming:

Let me have a look.

If its not then my messy configs and home folder are to blame. :sweat_smile:


This time I’m 99.99% sure I’ve spotted the theme you’re using. Its defined in your .Xresources file

I didn’t suspect it would be defined here, because I usually don’t touch Xresources.

It looks like it is using parts of different rasi’s to make a custom rasi.

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from i3 config:

# rofi bindings fancy application menu
bindsym $mod+i exec rofi -modi drun -show drun -line-padding 4 \
                -columns 2 -padding 50 -hide-scrollbar \
                -show-icons -drun-icon-theme "Arc-X-D" -font "Droid Sans Regular 10"
bindsym F9 exec rofi -modi drun -show drun -line-padding 4 \
                -columns 2 -padding 50 -hide-scrollbar \
                -show-icons -drun-icon-theme "Arc-X-D" -font "Droid Sans Regular 10"

bindsym $mod+o exec rofi -show window -line-padding 4 \
                -lines 6 -padding 50 -hide-scrollbar \
                -show-icons -drun-icon-theme "Arc-X-D" -font "Droid Sans Regular 10"

bindsym F10 exec rofi -show window -line-padding 4 \
                -lines 6 -padding 50 -hide-scrollbar \
                -show-icons -drun-icon-theme "Arc-X-D" -font "Droid Sans Regular 10"                
  • colors, .Xresources
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# ROFI Color theme 2
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
rofi.color-enabled: true
rofi.color-window: argb:cc2f343f, argb:cc2f343f, argb:cc2f343f
rofi.color-normal: argb:002f343f, #d8dee8, argb:002f343f, argb:002f343f, #e7763a
rofi.color-active: #393939, #268bd2, #393939, #268bd2, #205171
rofi.color-urgent: #393939, #f3843d, #393939, #268bd2, #ffc39c

and transparency with picom, no theme is set from our side.


@joekamprad @flyingcakes

Thank you! :rabbit: :hole:

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In the experimentation process, I managed to scramble by rofi config. It looks weird now

At this point, I want to do sudo rm / -rf and start all over again :laughing:


here mine @BONK

# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# ROFI Color theme 3
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
rofi.color-enabled: true
rofi.color-window: argb:cc000000, argb:cc000000, argb:cc000000
rofi.color-normal: argb:00000000, #d8dee8, argb:00000000, argb:00000000, #cb02ca
rofi.color-active: #7f7fff, #268bd2, #7f7fff, #268bd2, #864bd8
rofi.color-urgent: #7f7fff, #ff7f7f, #7f7fff, #268bd2, #0358dd

( window view ) need a play around ( not great but i never use ) :see_no_evil:

I use Dmenu nearly all the time . it faster




@FLVAL :wink: