Sway Edition - General Conversation!

So the idea has seem got a good response. So now I’m thinking about doing it. .I’ve got one question before?

How would we approach github?

1)I’ve just read the BSPWM posts and it seems they prepared a github repository with collaborative access. (Something along those lines I believe). I would appreciate some help with the actual way on how I would set this up. Maybe also a telegram??

2) The Config Itself
There are a two rules I would like to follow if that is okay with everyone.

  1. Stay as close to the i3 config as we can. One it means less effort just to make it a little easier and I believe it is a good starting because @joekamprad configs are pretty slick. Is this ok?

2)Try to stay wayland-native apps.

Now about the apps… Here are my thoughts

Terminal - Alacrity (kitty and termite are also options and well as foot)

Files - If Thunar can support wayland natively we will go with that. Otherwise we can use either Pcmanfm-qt or Pcmanfm-gtk3. This will also choose the toolkit we use.

Text editor CLI - stay with nano? (Vim)
Text editor GUI - Still thinking any ideas?? Maybe Geany.

Bar - This is one aspect I would like to differ from the i3 is it ok with everyone to use waybar over swaybar. The actual way it will look will mimic i3’s

Polkit - I was acc thinking of lxpolkit but after reading the i3 configs they use GNOME’s but thats fine as well.

Firefox - right more on this later but I really want Firefox on the sway editor to be wayland native. I understand we can’t use AUR packages but if I’ve read the post on BSPWM right we can create PKGBUILDS and they could (possibly) be added to the main repository. As fedora wayland Firefox is in the AUR

Screenshot - Either Grinshot or Swappy acc looks better. (Both are only in the AUR.)

Login Manager - Lighdm if it works or GDM (its the only that sway takes into account even though not officially)

Application Launchers - Wofi and NWG-laucher to act as the rofi in i3. NWG-bar to use as the power menu.

Color Theme - Stick with the i3

Theme configurater - Lxapperance and Qt5ct (through kvantum)

Transparency and Blur - Sway does not support blur as in wayland the WM is the compositor. We will follow i3 in everything else.

Wallpaper manager - ouguri

Notifications - Mako

Lock screen - although Sway supports i3lock ill think we’d rather use swaylock

  1. Packages; unlike i3 and bspwm there are one or two apps that are in the AUR. What would be the sway to apporach this? @joekamprad
  • Notably I’d think it be useful to a firefox wayland.
  1. Wallpapers - @BONK @Shjim ??

  2. I’ve studied the install script a bit ( or at least the part that was on the BSPWM chat) and it’s seems what is done is creating a new user then copying the config file, making the scripts exacutable then copying those as well. (Sway doesn’t have .Xresources)

However there are something that need to be added to /etc/environment would this be done the same way? @joekamprad Would I just provide a file for that and you copy it over on the script?

Everything else would remain the same?
Also i’ve noticed that the config files don’t contain a rofi? Is this somewhere else?

So i think we’ll all start working out the kinks in the i3 config when we use it on sway. We’ll set it all up with notifications polkit etc;

Is anyone wanting to work on the waybar? It would make stuff a bit quicker and it’s kinda fun too!

Also is their anyone comfortable with creating packages for us, obviously check with the devs first tho.

DISCLAMIER : I know nothing about creating an ISO, I understand parts of the install script but that’s literally it but that’s why we have a community! :nerd_face:

Anyway I went on a bit (again) so thoughts anyone? Should I have talked to @Bryanpwo and @manuel before? Apologies!


I like this idea! You should have a look at the .config from the dev i3 ISO. It is a lot more compact and clean. I have to do some searching because there are some posts arounf here that answer some of your questions.

You mean a .rasi file? Those are all in usr/shore/rofi/themes The one it uses is in another place though which is one of those posts I have to go find.

Lastly, The issue with AUR packages is someone would have to maintain those.

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I’m getting a lot my stuff from the i3 dev configs.

About the rofi should my alternative application launcher also be stored in usr rather than home. What’s the reason for this… I guessing it so it can updated when someone changes the config right ?

Yeh, I’ve realised that problem. Hmmm… if all we want is the Firefox there are other ways of doing it. So I’m not sure yet.

(God! I was so nervous. Its all going ok phew)

Here is the rofi thread I was referring to:

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rofi uses defaults from rofi, so ~/.config/rofi/config.rasi what is used if present per default, overrides are setup in scrips for rofi and commands in use for the menu p.e.

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generally talking to onject settings and packageslist into installer it need stwo things:

  1. a script available from internet what will copy configs to users config and proceed verything needed to setup configuration:

# i3 configs here
# Note: variable ‘desktop’ from ‘_another_case’ is visible here too!

git clone https://github.com/endeavouros-team/i3-EndeavourOS.git
pushd i3-EndeavourOS >/dev/null
cp -R .config /home/$NEW_USER/
cp -R .config ~/                                                    
chmod -R +x ~/.config/i3/scripts /home/$NEW_USER/.config/i3/scripts
cp .Xresources ~/
cp .Xresources /home/$NEW_USER/
cp .gtkrc-2.0 ~/
cp .gtkrc-2.0 /home/$NEW_USER/
chown -R $NEW_USER:users /home/$NEW_USER/.config /home/$NEW_USER/.Xresources
popd >/dev/null
rm -rf i3-EndeavourOS


  1. a netinstall.yaml file (packageslist) with all packages needed on top of the base install for the DE/WM to run with the config. Everything else as hardware specific package swill still be handled by the installer.

Oh thank you! I shall study this in a bit


For sway, you would rather use wofi instead of rofi no?

I have never used the EOS Sway edition but I do have sway installed, using the configs from my old Manjaro i3.
I use it with wofi, polybar and a few wayland specific tools, and it works quite nicely. Just a few hiccups which I am too lazy to fix (Xfce is my main desktop).

I would like to stay wayland native so yes wofi would be something I’d rather have (Are you looking to do this?)

How do you use polybar on wayland?

I’m already using it since a while. But I haven’t logged into sway for several weeks.

I thought polybar didn’t support wayland??

I don’t think it has to in order to work. I just like it a bit better than other status bars.

Have you checked out waybar?

Yes it’s installed but I’ve never actually used it. Thanks for reminding me :slight_smile:

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Progress - A long way off but any advice??



So far the only things I’ve changed from i3 are the bar and wofi. I will get rid of the icons on Wofi and add some app launchers on waybar

So far the only thing from the AUR is wlogout and Firefox… but at least wlogout is being pushed the official repositories.

Any alternatives to it you know of??

So far everything is working. The next step would be adding it to my personal repository and seeing if it works across two laptops. ( I don’t have a laptop powerful enough for a virtual machine so I’ll probably just re-install)

I will try to have packagelist.txt up soon as well.

I feel I’m rushing. I’ll slow down. Try to get to working perfect first. I’m also very nervous never done anything like this before so please correct me if I’m doing something wrong.


close to original ( just idea )

EOS-Sway_Test EOS-Sway_Test-2 EOS-Sway_Test-3


Quick Update : (I probably don’t need to update everyday buy you know) :upside_down_face:

Sway Config - Tick
Mako - Tick
Swayidle -Tick
Swaylock -Tick
Scripts - Almost all Replicated

Waybar - Still working on it! The thing now is not the final result.

In general things are going well - @Shjim wallpapers were amazing and @joekamprad was extremely helpful as well as @BONK.

A long to way to go still but here is the github link - set the same way as the i3

  • You have to set your dictionaries manually in “wofi” and “wlogout” - I guess they be be set in “usr/…” in real life
  • The package install script is not yet ready, It won’t install anything more but it might not install everything!

What is looks like… It acts the exact the same way as the i3 and as i’ve said I need to improve the bar!

Oh well nwm mind the screenshot script doesn’t work! :upside_down_face:

Is this Sway Edition based on what?