I3 bar items compressed and cut


Recently the elements at the edge of my i3 bar are bunched up and the power button is cut up. I think this would be fixed in the .config file for i3 but how?



Some guesses:

  • are the icon fonts alright?
  • did you change your display?

Can you share a picture of how it looks currently?

You should have a bar {...} block in your i3 config file (normally at ~/.config/i3/config)

Sorry i thought i had included a image :sweat_smile:. Icons work well I have changed my display but it has been a while back.

Did you recently change fonts in the config?

Also, see this thread:

Nope I haven’t changed the icons.

I have finished reading the thread and I don’t have ttf or otf font awesome installed.

I have two displays both of them have bar. I don’t know if this is relevant.

I have tried increasing the padding in the bar config but it still shows the icon cut. I have fixed the separation by increasing separator block width.

Found this https://github.com/polybar/polybar/issues/991 which looks similar to my case just that I am using FontAwesome.

Moving around the items made the power button not appear cut.