I3 bar icons small after update

I updated today and now all my i3 bar icons are very small. I haven’t changed the config or the fonts or anything, so I’m not sure how much answers to the similar issues I looked at are going to help me.

Any help would be appreciated. My icons are still very small after two updates.

  • Try changing the fonts to a monospace variant, then reload i3 in-place. If you don’t see a change, you may need to log out and back in.

  • Before doing this, make note of the font that your bar currently uses because you are then going to reverse the change. ← This is just as a sanity check.

  • After you’ve reloaded or logged out and back in, check how the other font you switched to looks in terms of spacing and size. If it looks okay, you can just use it.

  • However, if you prefer the previous font, then revert your change and see if it’s working now.

Looks like it didn’t fix it. However, I did notice that I have two icons that are correctly sized (the network and power icons). They are set with a span tag instead of an actual text icon like .

It may just be the font you are using. Try changing to another icon font you like and see if it works.

The video below is about polybar, but the workflow/fix is pretty much the same.

I’ve been able to restore most of my icon sizes by using span tags to set the font of the individual icons. Now I’m stuck on the power menu and power profiles icons as they use a bash array and I don’t yet know how to render a span tag in there. Same with workspaces.

Been holding off on recommending this because I know some users want to be as minimal as possible, however, I’d recommend using tint2 rather than the i3-bar.

It’s easier to understand and configure, and it is compatible with other WMs/DEs while also having more features — including highly customisable theming and window previews.

I can give you my config, if that would make it easier or more convincing for you to transition. Up to you.