I want a taskbar where if I right click on the application, I can see recently accessed files for that application

Another feature that I am missing from Windows is if I right click on an application on the taskbar, then I would get a list of recently accessed files, for example if I right click on notepad then I would get something like this:

I want something similar like this on Linux.

Can anyone suggest me a taskbar or even a configuration for a taskbar that can do this?

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IINM KDE could do that. Otherwise I’m glad Linux doesn’t support such a thing. If you want such memory-consuming and performance-sapping abilities, please go back to Windows.

On Windows10 I had to disable this ability because it was driving me crazy and it caused the system to start slowly and programs to start slowly, and it was steadily taking a lot of space from my internal SSD. A short time ago I had to deal with a serious issue with the KDE search function because Baloo was gobbling a lot of memory and ended up creating a 2GB file on the disk of its results. Sorry but it’s something I don’t prefer.

Originally my whole post was going to be: “EEK Windows screenshots, please get it away! (thursts cross forward)”

Of course it can. It can also fire freakin’ lasers at satelites in orbit.


Please no more off-topic posts! I was trying to answer a question.

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You brought up KDE, I merely settled your doubts about it. Nothing off-topic here.

How on Earth is this feature “performance-snapping”?

Out of all the things Windows 10 does, you blame this recent files feature to be a hog on the system? Not the telemetry data collection process Microsoft does, not the heavily bloated DE Windows uses, not the constant built in AV microsoft has, its the “recent files feature” that is a huge bloat, how is this possible?

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KDE is the most performant big desktop in existence, the only way to get better performance is to use something super minimalist, like dwm. Apart from Baloo, Baloo sucks, but that is off-topic…

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Does KDE by any chacne support this feature as mentioned above regarding recent files? If so I might consider switching to KDE?

As far as I know, none of the existing task managers support this functionality.

Honestly, I am not sure there is anything in Linux that supports this.

Virtually every feature is performance sapping to various degrees. It is the accumulation of all these little bits of performance sapping elements that cause “bloat”.

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Have you even installed any Linux to find out how things are? Have you been like me going with at least one distro for 5-6 months on a very slow internal HDD which is not SSD, and how any Linux steadily bogs down on performance like Windows does? This is regardless of things that could be avoided. But then someone else wants to keep adding to how the OS could dump on itself.

I’m done helping anybody on this forum. I’ve had enough. I don’t like how a couple of topics were closed that I wanted to post in, because you guys want to joke around sometimes or you want to take things seriously. This is definite. Bye EndeavourOS forums.

The KDE panel can do that. I haven’t changed any setting (or I do not remember), but that’s the nature of KDE.



That may be true, however out of all the things, why did @mnrvovrfc feel that this particular feature is a huge hog to the system? On Windows 7 when this feature was introduced, I find Windows 7 to be even lighter than the vast majority of Linux distros today while having that feature so I doubt that that particular feature really adds much bloat to anything at all.

Yes I used to even distro hop.

Yeah it doesn’t bog down your system as much as Windows does I admit that.

We are talking about one minor small feature. On Windows 7 I found the OS to be much faster and more responsive than Windows 10. As mentioned before out of all the things Windows 10 does, why only go for that one particular feature. You may not like that feature but I do, and I heavily depend on those features Windows has provided me with. That is why I am asking if there is something similar on Linux.

How were we “joking” around? I am trying to be direct with you.

Interesting, I rememeber trying KDE a few years back and it didn’t seem to have this feature. I could give it another try then, thanks then :slight_smile:

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I completely forgot about this, I use it with Firefox but didn’t even think about seeing if it worked with recent files

Cinnamon has this feature. I don’t know how many recent files it lists for each application because I always turned it off :upside_down_face:

DE: Plasma 5.27.4
Kate 23.04.0

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At some point, why are you even using Linux? You seem very very set on making Linux into Windows since you like so much about Windows and it has all of these must have features. . .

It really begs the question, why not just use Windows? No one will do Windows better than Microsoft.


I just want that feature, I appreciate if you don’t ask silly questions